NFL Schedule Week 1 Preview

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017

Por Andrew Ryan

Why spend hours handicapping sports betting lines when you can read everything you need to know about every game here at BetCris? We're breaking down trends, injuries and more in our Week 1 NFL preview so you can cash your bet!

NFL Week 1 Schedule with Week 1 Betting Lines

Thursday, September 7

Chiefs 48

Patriots -8

Even with Julian Edelman out for the season, there hasn't been anything stopping bettors from backing the Pats in Week 1 against a KC team that is due for some regression.

Sunday, September 10

Jets 41

Bills -9.5

Tyrod Taylor has a concussion. T.J. Yates has a concussion. And yet bettors are still lining up to back the Bills, raising them up from -6 all the way to -9.5 against the Jets.

Falcons 50.5

Bears +7

Mike Glennon was able to fend off Mitch Trubisky during training camp, but the handwriting is on the wall that his first horrible outing is going to be his last as a starter in the NFL after inking a huge deal in the offseason.

Jaguars 40

Texans -5.5

This should be an emotional one at NRG Stadium after Hurricane Harvey left the whole city of Houston in dire need of a distraction from the rest of the troubles of life.

Eagles 47.5

Redskins PK

Philadelphia has closed the gap from +3 down to nothing on the betting lines as time as gone by towards this game.

Cardinals 47.5

Lions +1.5

It's strange to see an Arizona team that wasn't anywhere near the playoffs last season favored on the road against a Detroit team that made the second season – not that you'd remember that.

Raiders 51

Titans -2

This spread has bounced back and forth for months between each of these two teams being favored over the other one.

Buccaneers 44

Dolphins +2.5

Jay Cutler's first appearance as a Dolphin could be marred by Hurricane Irma. Keep an eye on the weather report for this game, as this is the day Irma could theoretically slam into South Florida.

Ravens 42.5

Bengals -3

Even though Joe Flacco hasn't played the entire preseason, there's still a quiet confidence that he'll be on the field in Week 1 against Cincinnati.

Steelers 46.5

Browns +9

Why shouldn't the Browns roll with rookie, DeShone Kizer in Week 1? What have they really got to lose at this point?

Colts 44.5

Rams -3

With Andrew Luck virtually certainly sidelined in Week 1, the Rams are suddenly favored over a team that figured to at least contend for a playoff spot this year.

Seahawks 50

Packers -3

An NFC Championship Game preview? It's entirely possible that these two teams will see each other again in January, and this game might ultimately decide the venue for that tussle.

Panthers 48

49ers +5.5

Brian Hoyer looked alright at the end of the preseason, but the fact that he struggled so badly at the beginning is why bettors have flocked to Carolina in Week 1.

Giants 47.5

Cowboys -3

Will Zeke Elliott ultimately be in the lineup in Week 1? If not, the Cowboys could find themselves on the short end of the stick against the Giants for the third straight time.

Monday, September 11

Saints 47.5

Vikings -3.5

Sam Bradford and company quietly hope to get back into the playoff picture in 2017 after a disappointing finish last year. If that's the case, games like this are absolutely must-wins.

Chargers 44

Broncos -3.5

The Chargers were incredibly disappointing early in the preseason, yet they're still picking up some steam on Denver in what will be the last kickoff of Week 1 of the season.

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