Steven Wisner

Steve fell in love with sports, namely baseball, at an early age and began looking at the game analytically shortly thereafter, scoring the games he attended.


Since those early years, his love and passion of sports has grown having dabbled in local sports writing before he turned his attention to betting, the perfect outlet for a fan who loves approaching athletics analytically.

On the fan side, being based in Florida has a great appreciation for college sports while his mid-Atlantic roots still show in the teams he roots for in the professional ranks.

Sports News bySteven Wisner... We have a proverbial David versus Goliath matchup set for this year’s World Series with the Washington Nationals huge underdogs against the Houston Astros. Of course, the Nationals are now used to being the underdog, having upset the Dodgers and Cardinals to get here. Can they do it a third time and hand the franchise it’s first World Series title or will the Astros establish themselves as a dynasty of sorts, winning their second Fall Classic in the last three years? ...  Más

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