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  • The baseball gods have blessed us with back-to-back epic World Series showdowns, both going to Game 7. Are we about to pay for it this year with a short series? It may all come down to Friday’s Game 3 as the Los Angeles Dodgers are desperate to get a win to get back into the series while the Boston Red Sox will try to keep their momentum as they travel to Hollywood. Can the Dodgers turn this into...  More

  • After a back-and-forth Game 1, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox are back in action just 24-hours later for a pivotal Game 2 before the series shifts to Los Angeles for three over the weekend. The Sox took Game 1 and will do their best to capture a two-game advantage before hitting the road. On the other side, the Dodgers will try and steal a game on the road, flipping homefield advantage...  More

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