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  • Alongside the National League East, the NL Central may be one of the hardest MLB divisions to handicap in 2019 with three legitimate contenders at the top. While the East has four teams at the top, the Central doesn’t have a single team that’s a lock to finish below-.500. Even the Cincinnati Reds and Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t likely to be that bad. As such, the Central while not as strong at the top, may be the deepest division in baseball.   More

  • The National League West has belonged to the Los Angeles Dodgers over the last six seasons, but the Colorado Rockies made it interesting last year, pushing L.A. to a Game 163 in order to clinch the division again.   More

  • The most active division this offseason, the NL East kept Bryce Harper and J.T. Realmuto—thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies—in division while adding Robinson Cano, Edwin Diaz, Andrew McCutchen, Jean Segura, Josh Donaldson, and Patrick Corbin to the fold, amongst others.   More

  • The MLB 2019 American League West division title belongs to the Houston Astros. It’s as close to a sure thing as you can find in sports. The Astros have some questions in their rotation, but far fewer than the competition—if you can call it that—in the Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels, not to mention the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers. Houston was one of three 100-game winners last year and could hit triple-digits for the third straight year. This is fundamentally the same team. Last year, the Athletics at least made it a little interesting. Can they do it again or can another team like the Angels step up and beat expectations? Or will this be one of those divisions that all but wrapped up before the All-Star break?   More

  • The American League East has long been billed as the best, toughest division in MLB baseball, but now it really comes down to two teams: the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. These are the proverbial giants in the room. Beyond them, the Tampa Bay Rays are scrappy overachievers, but are heavily disadvantaged financially to compete with these two powerhouses at the top of their respective games right now. The Toronto Blue Jays and Baltimore Orioles are both in rebuilding mode and all but eliminated before the season even begins.   More

  • The American League Central may be the worst division in baseball. The Cleveland Indians are the favorites by default with very little competition. The bottom three teams could all lose in the mid-90s and it could be more if not for them all getting to play each other 19 times.   More

  • Monday, March 18th, 2019

    MLB Futures – World Series Odds

    By Phil Simon The month of March isn’t all about the madness of college basketball. Major League Baseball is wrapping up spring training and getting ready to kick off another season, which gets underway on March 28 with all 30 teams in action, weather permitting of course. Preseason odds have been set and you can wager on your favorite team to capture the World Series at any time until the Fall Classic starts.   More

  • Betcris.comTo expand the game’s appeal, the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners will open the season in Japan for a brief two-game set. This series marks the start of the 2019 MLB regular season but occurs in the middle of the Spr  More

  • The baseball gods have blessed us with back-to-back epic World Series showdowns, both going to Game 7. Are we about to pay for it this year with a short series? It may all come down to Friday’s Game 3 as the Los Angeles Dodgers are desperate to get a win to get back into the series while the Boston Red Sox will try to keep their momentum as they travel to Hollywood. Can the Dodgers turn this into a classic Hollywood thriller? Or will we see the series effectively end with another Sox’s victory? The change of venue will help the Dodgers, but will it be enough?   More

  • After a back-and-forth Game 1, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Boston Red Sox are back in action just 24-hours later for a pivotal Game 2 before the series shifts to Los Angeles for three over the weekend. The Sox took Game 1 and will do their best to capture a two-game advantage before hitting the road. On the other side, the Dodgers will try and steal a game on the road, flipping homefield advantage for the rest of the series in their favor.   More

  • The stage is set as we get ready for the 114th edition of the World Series, pinning two historic franchises head-to-head in the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers. These two teams have combined to make 33 World Series appearances, but this will be the first time the matchup in the Fall Classic.   More

  • Here we are. We have reached the 2018 World Series. There were 30 teams at the start of the year and it all comes down to two now: the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers have plenty to prove after falling just short against the Houston Astros last seasons. The Sox,   More

  • Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

    World Series Odds MLB Picks

    By Steven Wisner The baseball season is coming to a close and the field of possible World Series champions is down to just four teams as the ALCS and NLCS are both already underway. Each series is split, heading to new venues for the next few games. We had some exciting play-in games to kick off the October madness,   More

  • This year’s ALCS is a rematch of a division series matchup last season, pinning the Houston Astros against the Boston Red Sox. These were the two best teams in baseball this season with the Sox leading everyone in wins and the Astros topping the charts in run differential. Record says Boston should   More

  • Two of the more active teams at both trade deadlines this season, the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers are set to meet in the National League Championship Series starting on Friday night. The Brew Crew will host the series, but the Dodgers enter as favorites thanks to superior starting pitching.   More

  • Monday, October 8th, 2018

    World Series Odds MLB Picks

    By Steven Wisner The regular season is in the past and we’ve already seen three postseason teams eliminated with a couple more on the brink of elimination. The field of possible MLB World Series champions is dwindling, yet there are still seven teams with a least a shot of reaching—and winning—the Fall Classic.   More

  • The Boston Red Sox have fallen in the ALDS in back-to-back seasons now and won’t have to contend with the Cleveland Indians or Houston Astros in the first round, but can they finally advance to the championship series? It would be a disappointing end if not given their 108-win season, but the New York Yankees   More

  • The last two MLB World Series representatives from the American League will face-off in a best-of-five division series showdown starting on Friday as the Houston Astros host the Cleveland Indians to kick-off the series. The Astros are looking to be the first repeat World Series champions since the 2000 New York Yankees,   More

  • The Chicago Cubs had two chances to earn a division series berth and fell short both times. Now, the two teams who beat them will square off in the best of five MLB series with the Milwaukee Brewers hosting the Colorado Rockies in Game 1 of the series beginning on Thursday.   More

  • The Los Angeles Dodgers are the reigning champs, but it did take a Game 163 to win their division. The Atlanta Braves, on the other hand, had their division wrapped up quite a bit earlier. Now the two teams will meet in the division series to determine who will advance to the National League Championship Series.   More

  • A few years ago, playing in the NL Wild Card game would have been considered a success, but for the Chicago Cubs it’s a disappointment as they host the Colorado Rockies on Tuesday night with a second chance of nailing down a division series appearance. Both teams will have to bounce back   More

  • Monday, October 1st, 2018

    World Series Odds MLB Picks

    By Steven Wisner The 2018 MLB regular season is over—almost. The NL East and NL Central both ended in ties, giving us a couple Game 163 to wet our appetites before the Wild Card games. We now have, essentially, two sets of one-game playoffs before the division series are set. The ties have done a number on the odds and   More

  • This should be a very interesting MLB Baseball game between the New York Yankees and Oakland Athletics as it pins one of the game’s biggest payrolls against one of the smallest. New York finished the season with a few more wins than the A’s, but both teams finished with more wins than any NL team and   More

  • Earlier this year, it appeared the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees would battle for the AL East to the final days of the MLB season. If that were the case, this three game weekend series between the two clubs would carry more weight than it does. While the division is decided, there is still a lot of allure in a   More

  • The St. Louis Cardinals needed a starter in the offseason and added Miles Mikolas trying to return to Major League baseball from Japan. The Chicago Cubs needed an arm at the deadline and put their faith in a one-time ace, Cole Hamels, who seemed to have his best days behind him. Both took a gamble and now   More

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