The Astros, the Braves, and the Dodgers to Keep Rising

Monday, September 19th, 2022

The Astros, the Braves, and the Dodgers to Keep Rising

Major League Baseball is back again with a Monday night full of top action. On one hand, the Houston Astros are ready to keep leading division stands against the Tampa Bay Rays. On the other, the Atlanta Braves are still climbing and will attempt to test their luck tonight against the Washington Nationals. Finally, there seems to be no way the LA Dodgers are letting go of their chance to keep rising against the Arizona Diamondbacks tonight.

Astros To Keep Leading Against the Rays

The Rays are still in third place in the AL East Division. This means that they are still attempting to climb. With the Toronto Blue Jays just a win ahead and the New York Yankees five wins away, the Rays still have a chance to make it to the postseason.

As for the Astros, the team is still leading the AL West Division with a 96-51 season record. That has allowed them to reach 16 victories away from their nearest rivals, the Seattle Mariners.

There is no question that the Astros as well above the Rays. Although Tampa Bay still has solid chances of climbing, the Astros seem to be way above what the Rays would need to reach a top seed like Houston.

Braves Will Test Their Luck Against Nationals

The Braves are now second overall in the NL East Division. They are just two wins away from catching up with the New York Mets and have quickly become one of the stronger seeds in the division standings.

On the other hand, the Nationals are at the bottom of the NL East Division. This implies that they are far from making it anywhere above where they stand.

This might just be the perfect chance for the Braves to continue climbing and making the most of a solid game against the Nationals. There is no question that they have more than what takes to pull a solid victory against Atlanta tonight.

Dodgers to Top Diamondbacks

The Dodgers are still at the very top of their game. They have not officially surpassed the 100-victory mark. LA is now 101-44 and still the top seed of the league and one of the best teams the Dodgers have had in the last few seasons.

The Diamondbacks are well below the level of some top seeds. Arizona is now fourth in the NL West well below the San Francisco Giants.

It’s now time for the Dodgers to continue leading the standings and take their game to the next level. The Dodgers have the perfect chance to make the most of their game against Arizona and pull a definitive victory tonight.

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