The Astros, the Mariners, and the Dodgers After Victories Tonight

Monday, July 25th, 2022

The Astros, the Mariners, and the Dodgers After Victories Tonight

The MLB is on for tonight with top matchups to stay tuned for. The Astros are now ready to step it up against the Athletics to catch up with the Yankees. The Mariners are looking to resume their victorious streak against the Rangers. Finally, the Dodgers don’t want to fall short and want to stay close to the Astros and the Yankees with a solid victory against Washington tonight.

Astros After Athletics & The Top League Seed Spot

The Houston Astros are now just two games away from tying the New York Yankees for the league´s top seed spot. The Astros are also on a roll. The team is now after a sixth straight win and with everything, it takes to exceed in their upcoming series.

As for the Oakland Athletics, there is not much to hope for but consistency and wins. As of today, the A´s are marching with a 35-63 season record with a last defeat against the Texas Rangers. With nowhere to go but up, the A´s are hoping their home advantage proves to be sufficient to surpass the Astros.

It all might sound hopefully for the A´s, yet the Astros are playing at a different level. Houston is not ready to let go, and they are now after the top spot in the league. The Astros should have no major issues delivering a solid message tonight at Oakland.

Mariner´s Recovery Against Rangers

The Seattle Mariners were well on their way to pursuing their fifteenth straight win. That was the case until they had to face the Astros. Houston handed Seattle three straight defeats that may have momentarily interrupted Seattle´s hopes to keep climbing.

On the other hand, the Texas Rangers have remained in the third spot in the AL West and currently stand eight wins away from reaching Seattle. With three straight defeats against Seattle, the Rangers are now looking for revenge.

Indeed, the Rangers might be looking stronger coming off with a victory over the A´s in their last game. However, it all seems like Seattle could resume that built momentum to keep pulling solid wins against their upcoming rivals, including the Rangers tonight.

Dodgers´ Potential Night Win Against Nationals

The Dodgers are exactly in the same position as the Astros. Both lead their corresponding divisions and now stand just two wins away from topping the Yankees. For the Dodgers, it is all about pulling that night straight win tonight.

For Washington, the story is quite different. The Nationals are now last in the NL East with a 32-65 season record. Washington is now at the very bottom and trying to hold on to whatever kind of luck they can to pull a win.

The Nationals might have what it takes. Yet, they simply do not have enough to surpass a top seed like the Dodgers. LA should have no major issue in pulling a solid win against Washington tonight.

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