The Cardinals, the Yankees, and the Padres for the Win on Monday

Monday, August 29th, 2022

The Cardinals, the Yankees, and the Padres for the Win on Monday

It’s Monday again and top MLB games will now kick off another week full of the best baseball action. The afternoon is set to start with the St. Louis Cardinals facing the Cincinnati Reds at the Great American Ball Park, while the New York Yankees try to keep a grip on top MLB seeds by facing the Los Angeles Angles. Finally, the San Diego Padres will try to hold on to firm grounds while they face division rival, the San Francisco Giants.

The Cardinals to take on the Reds

The St. Louis Cardinals are all set to keep leading the NL Central Division. With a 74-54 season record, the Cardinals were not only able to surpass the Milwaukee Brewers yet left their closest rival behind and are now seven wins ahead.

As for the Cincinnati Reds, anywhere that is not close to the bottom of the NL Central just seems like a good spot. Still, the Reds are now five wins away from the third division seed, the Chicago Cubs, and are only ahead of the Pittsburg Pirates by two wins.

These numbers have realized a red flag for Cincinnati. Still, the Reds have failed to do something about it in the last weeks and will most likely prove insufficient to surpass a top division seed tonight, leaving the Cardinals open to sum their 75th win of the season this afternoon.

Yankee´s Gradual Recovery Against Angels

The Yankees are now in the pursuit of catching up with the new league top seeds, the Astros, the Mets, and the Dodgers. The Yankees fell behind by a 10-win margin from Los Angeles. However, New York still leads the AL East division with a 78-50 record.

Over to the AL West division, the Angels are also attempting to climb. The Angles are now standing three wins away from the Texas Rangers. The Angels are fourth and closer to the third seed spot than to the bottom of the division standings.

Although the Angles will face the Yankees in one of New York´s lowest points in the season, the Yankees are still 23 wins ahead of Los Angeles. The Angles could bring their A-Game, yet it might very well prove insufficient against the Yankees tonight.

Padres To Keep Gap Against Giants

The NL West division has become broken, scattered, and segregate by a rollercoaster of teams rising and falling. The Dodgers are still leading and by a wider gap every week. That has left the San Diego Padres in the second spot with a 70-59 record.

That has also left the Padres about 18 wins away from being able to catch up with the Dodgers. Yet, San Diego is now nine wins away from the San Francisco Giants: their rivals for tonight.

The Giants might be third overall in the NL West with a 70-59 record. Yet, San Diego has done an outstanding job at keeping a lead over San Francisco and tonight shouldn’t be an exception. The Padres should be able to pull in a solid win over San Francisco at Oracle Park tonight.

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