The Contrast Behind the Offseason MLB Market

Monday, December 12th, 2022

The Contrast Behind the Offseason MLB Market

The offseason continues to push teams to make changes, tweaks, and readjustments as all franchises prepare for the 2023 MLB season. However, the approach can vary. On one end, the New York Mets have opted to maximize their budget to focus on keeping their pitching end well covered. On the opposite end, the Philadelphia Phillies are urging to start making moves and catch up with some of its rivals in terms of offseason market moves.

Mets Have Prioritized Number Over Single Talent

After missing out on securing Jacob deGrom, the New York Mets have truly made sure their lack of aggressiveness toward pursuing a Cy Young Award-winning star is justified. After the star players moved to the Texas Rangers, the team set forth to prove it had a well-drafted strategy under its sleeve.

Steve Cohen’s team is not taking a knee and has focus on a smart move to solve one of the issues the team had this previous season. To keep deGrom, the Mets would have had to put up approximately $187 million. However, these have been spent wisely, or at least that is what Cohen means to prove to New York fans.

Instead, the Mets were able to secure Justin Verlander on a two-year, $86-million deal. Kodai Senga was also signed to a five-year, $75-million contract, while Jose Quintana was signed to a two-year, $26-million deal.

While many keep pointing at Cohen´s administration as flawed in terms of judgment and certain calls, some expect these changes to start improving the team´s performance next season.

Phillies remain with the Arms Crossed

While Cohen’s New York Mets have kept pulling funds from their accounts to focus on moves, the Phillies haven’t, and they are starting to feel the pressure. The Phillies, currently one of the top-performing lineups in the National League, have not concluded any major signings to modify, adjust or enhance their roster.

Since various MLB Winter meetings, the team has settled and has sat steadily. Experts question whether a caution or simple unwillingness to act has led to the Phillies’ current offseason market approach.

Having secured Trea Turner proved to be one of the strongest moves for Philadelphia. Signing another top player like Taijuan Walker was also a positive move for Philly. However, with fan pressure on the team, there is still plenty the team can achieve during this offseason.

With other top teams moving fast, the Phillies need to regather and start drafting a strategy that can allow them to succeed next season. Pursuing a signing of a player like Carlos Rondon is not the smartest move to some experts. Yet, other teams will continue to set the pace during the offseason market until one of the best teams in the league decides to chip in.

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