The Mets, the Padres, and the Yankees to Shine on MLB Monday Action

Monday, August 8th, 2022

The Mets, the Padres, and the Yankees to Shine on MLB Monday Action

Monday has proven to continually remain one of the top days to resume MLB action. First, the New York Mets are ready to take on the title as the top team in NYC against the Cincinnati Reds. Then, the San Diego Padres are ready to cover against the San Francisco Giants.

Finally, the New York Yankees don’t want to let go and will try their best to pull in a solid victory against the Seattle Mariners to remain in the list of top MLB seeds for the current 2022 season.

Mets For the Title as Top NY Team Against Reds

The New York Mets are now tied with the New York Yankees. The Mets are currently standing with a 70-39 season record. That has allowed them to catch up with the Yankees and no longer stand as eh second-best team in the city.

On the other hand, the Reds are now the third overall seed of the NL Central Division. With a 44-63 season record, the Reds are now looking to make the most against the Mets and what could become their third straight win.

Although Cincinnati is on a mild streak, the Mets are now the team most expected to see in NY. There is no question the Reds can put a fight, yet the Mets should be able to shine tonight with their home crowd.

Padres To Recover Against Giants

The San Diego Padres are now looking for a quick recovery. San Diego took four straight hits in the last four games. The first one was against the Colorado Rockies and the remaining three were against the might Dodgers.

As for the San Francisco Giants, two straight wins might prove sufficient to face the Padres. The Oakland Athletics were no rival to match up against San Francisco and it seems that the Giants are ready to take on one of their Southern California rivals tonight.

The Giants are now third overall in the NL West and eight wins away from catching up with San Diego who is now second in division standings. Although it might seem like a bright night for San Francisco fans, the Padres must not be underestimated and should be able to rise again with a win today.

Yankees To Visit Mariners at Seattle

The New York Yankees are no longer the Kings of the Hill. After weeks of being standing as the top seed in the MLB, the Yankees are now leading the AL East with a 70-39 season record and looking to get back.

Seattle, on the other hand, is now second overall in the AL West division and looking to make the most of their upcoming games against New York. Seattle went 1-2 in their last series over the Yankees, proving that they were still able to defeat one of the top teams in the league.

Despite arriving in Seattle with five straight defeats, the Yankees remain the best team. With home advantage, New York should be able to get back on track and now catch up with the LA Dodgers who currently dominate the league standings.

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