The Mets, the Twins, and the Dodgers to Rise with Victories

Monday, August 22nd, 2022

The Mets, the Twins, and the Dodgers to Rise with Victories

Monday night is back and with top MLB action. First, the Subway series is back and this time, it’s the New York Mets that will take on the New York Yankees with a lead. Then, the Minnesota Twins will prepare to face the hurt Texas Rangers to climb to the top of the division standings. Finally, the Los Angeles Dodgers will prepare to remain at the top of the league standings by facing the Milwaukee Brewers in downtown LA.

The Subway Series Continues with Mets Facing Yankees

The Mets are not the team they were a few weeks ago. The Mets are now the second-best team in the league right behind the Dodgers and continue to lead the NL East division with a 79-44 record.

As for the Yankees, the race for the top of the league is not over. Yet, the climb keeps getting steeper. The Mets are now five wins away from the Yankees and still looking to catch up and resume their strong season.

Although the Yankees might look strong at home, playing against yeh Mets at Yankee Stadium is no guarantee. That is why the Mets should be able to open the series with a win and set the pace for the next games to come during the Subway Series.

The Twins to Take on Hurt Rangers

The Twins are now second overall in the AL Central division. That has allowed Minnesota to remain just two wins away from reaching the Cleveland Guardians for the lead spot in the division.

On the other hand, the Texas Rangers have truly dropped their pace. The Rangers are now third overall in the AL West division with a 55-66 season record. The Rangers are now 11 wins away from Seattle and 23 wins away from the Houston Astros.

It now seems as if the Twins might now have a shot to take over the lead spot of the AL Central division if they can pull the series against the Rangers. Yet, with a 1-2 balance against them, the Twins now have the chance to finish off the series by tying numbers.

Dodgers To Face Brewers Yet Again

The Dodgers are still dominating league stands. With an 84-36 season record, LA is still the top team in the league and looking to widen the gap between them and other close rivals such as the NY Mets and the Astros.

The Brewers, on the other hand, are still attempting to catch up with St. Lois and take over the top spot o the NL Central division. The Brewers have already faced the Dodgers and have proven that LA is not the unbeatable lineup everyone else believes them to be.

Although the Brewers have already pulled solid wins against the Dodgers in the past, they might still lack what it takes to repeat the same feat over at Dodger Stadium. It seems as if the Dodgers will continue to dominate and now against the Brewers again.

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