The Phillies and the Astros to Matchup in World Series

Monday, October 24th, 2022

The Phillies and the Astros to Matchup in World Series

After overcoming the San Diego Padres, the Philadelphia Phillies became the first team to earn its ticket to the WL. As the clear underdog, the Phillies are now ready to face the Houston Astros and fight for the MLB Championship title. As for the Astros, there is not much to say but to place the team as one of the top seeds of the regular and postseason.

The duel between a clear underdog and one of the top lineups of the season will surely make the upcoming World Series one of the most exciting in the last years. The MLB World Series is set to begin this Friday, October 28.

Schwarber´s Phillies as The Underdog to Beat

The Philadelphia Phillies made it into the World Series as the team with the lowest odds walking into the postseason. The Phillies were the last team to qualify for the postseason. Still, Philadelphia became the first team to make it into the World Series.

Against all odds, the Phillies not only beat the San Diego Padres. Yet, they surpassed the team that had already beaten the top seed in the league, the Los Angeles Dodgers. There is no question Philadelphia is the least unexpected team at this stage.

However, the Phillies have played simple and top baseball. That is all that matters now. Kyle Schwarber remains the top leader in the offense. Schwarber has now summed 46 home runs and 94 runs batted in.

In pitching Aaron Nola is now standing with a 3.25 earned run average and 235 strikeouts. The Phillies will sure not finish with the highest numbers. Still, there is much the team can now aim for as they prepare to face Houston by the end of the week.

Alvarez´s Astros After the Championship Title

If there is one thing to say about the Houston Astros at this stage of the season is that they remain one of the top seeds in the league. The Astros early surpassed the New York Yankees in the ALCS.

With four straight wins, the Astros proved that they were more than just a strong team, yet the last-standing top seed. Houston is now standing with seven straight wins in the postseason against the Yankees and the Mariners.

Altogether, the Astros have now summed their ninth straight win and are not looking to let that go. Yordan Alvarez has become one of the top stars of the team with a .306 batting average and 37 home runs.

There seems to be little any team could potentially do to surpass the Astros. Starting this Friday night, Houston is all set to become the next MLB champ. All odds are favoring the Astros and there is no question that a surprise factor could kick in as it happened with every single rival the Phillies faced in the postseason.

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