The White Sox, the Mets, and The Padres Are All Head Toward Victory

Monday, July 11th, 2022

The White Sox, the Mets, and The Padres Are All Head Toward Victory

MLB action continues Monday night with three different games that could allow top league teams to keep climbing. The White Sox are ready to face the Cleveland Guardians while the New York Mets prepare to face the Braves in Atlanta. Finally, the San Diego Padres will face the Colorado Rockies to catch up with the Dodgers.

White Sox After Guardian’s Second Division Spot

The White Sox have done their part to catch up with top division seeds in the AL Central. With two straight wins on their back against the Detroit Tigers, the White Sox are ready to look for ways to enhance their current 41-43 season record.

That puts the White Sox just a defeat behind the Cleveland Guardians´ 41-42 record. That has allowed Cleveland to remain as the second seed in division standings behind the Minnesota Twins, who now stand with a 48-40 record.

Although it might be too soon to jump to the lead spot, both the White Sox and the Guardians have a challenge in their upcoming series, which team will trail behind the Twins as the second top seed. Given Chicago´s recent numbers, it all seems that the White Sox could pull an away win this afternoon.

Mets After Braves in Atlanta

The New York Mets were the second closest seed to reach and top the New York Yankees. While all the glory seemed to be building up in NYC, the Mets dropped the ball. Now the LA Dodgers and the Houston Astros have taken a lead and surpassed the Mets as both teams summed their 56th win of the season.

That leaves the Mets with a 53-33 season record. This implies that the Mets are still a league top seed, yet gradually falling behind the top three. As for the Braves, the Mets are closer to their grounds than ever.

Atlanta is looking strong and marching to nail their fourth straight win. With home advantage, the Braves have a solid shot to take tonight´s game. It all points to Atlanta making the most of the Mets’ recent inconsistency to tie NY for the division lead spot.

Padres to Dominate Rockies

The San Diego Padres have remained on a solid path to standing as one of the best teams in the league. They might still range among the top 10 yet have now fallen to a 49-38 record. Those sound like pretty good numbers, yet not when the LA Dodgers have taken total control of the lead spot of the NL West division with a 56-29 record.

As for the Colorado Rockies, the story is a bit different. The Rockies have made a solid effort to keep climbing up stands yet have fallen short of reaching San Francisco’s 43 victory mark and now stand 38-48.

Although the series is heading over to Colorado, the Rockies may not have the manpower to stand against one of the best teams in the NL West. The Padres should be able to break away from a two-game defeat streak and pull their 50th victory of the season.

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