The World Series Heads to Philly for Three Games

Monday, October 31st, 2022

The World Series Heads to Philly for Three Games

The World Series has begun and so far, games have not disappointed fans in the degree and level of excitement and solid baseball displayed. On one end, the Philadelphia Phillies remain the underdog.

Yet, after pulling a solid win in the opening game, the Phillies are clearly in the fight for the MLB championship title. On the other hand, the Houston Astros are still trying to prove why they finished as one of the strongest teams in the regular season stage. Now, with the series heading at Citizens Bank Park, the Astros might need to prepare for the toughest series starting tonight as both teams face each other for game three.

Alvarez’s Astros to Defend Solid Home Effort

Despite starting the series ta their home field, the Houston Astros were still unable to match against the Phillies in game one. It was Philadelphia that pulled the 6-5 win after the game stretched for 10 innings.

The Astros, however, recovered and quickly responded with a 5-2 win on Sunday to prove that they still have a championship lineup ready to take home the glory. The Astros might have taken their first win of the postseason, yet they managed to respond faster than fans could have expected.

Yordan Alvarez remains the most solid player in the offense for the Astros. Alvarez is now leading with a .306 batting average and 37 home runs. In pitching, Justin Verlander remains the most consistent lead with a 1.75 earned run average and 18 wins.

Despite having one of the best lineups throughout the regular season, the Astros are starting to gradually descend. Although they still hold some of the best numbers in the league, the Astros might not have what it takes to win at Philadelphia over the series that resumes this Monday night.

Schwarber´s Phillies After a Series of Solid Home Performances

After finishing the two first games at Houston, the Phillies are ready to head back to the home field to resume the World Series tonight. With proof that the Astros are not unbeatable, the Phillies are ready to go after the win.

Philadelphia managed to not just hand the Astros the first defeat of the postseason in the opening game of the World Series. Yet, they managed to do so in a solid away performance that has allowed the team to circle back on some of their strongest strategies and some of their top talent.

Kyle Schwarber remains the top player for the Phillies. Schwarber is now stepping onto the field with a total of 46 home runs and 94 runs batted in. Alec Bohm has also contributed to the team´s offensive line with a .280 batting average.

In pitching, Aaron Nola remains the most solid player with a 3.25 earned run average and a total of 325 strikeouts. For the very first time in the series and almost throughout the postseason, the Phillies might just be leading odds and might just be on their way to gaining a lead in the World Series.

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