The Yankees, the Rangers, and the Dodgers Look for the Win

Monday, June 27th, 2022

The Yankees, the Rangers, and the Dodgers Look for the Win

MLB continues this Monday night. First, the Oakland Athletics will attempt to overtake one of the league’s top teams, the New York Yankees, in New York. Next, the Rangers will try to take advantage of a Kansas City Royals lineup that remains incapable of climbing in the standings. Finally, it seems like the LA Dodgers will be able to take a solid win over the Rockies tonight.

Athletic Will Attempt to rise Against the Yankees

The Athletics are still sitting at the bottom of the AL West Division. However, with a 25-49 season record, Oakland is still pursuing brighter times as the team attempts to pull its third straight win tonight.

The task will not come easy as the Athletics must now prepare to face the Yankees at Yankee Stadium tonight. On one side, the Athletics are struggling. On the other, the Yankees are simply dominating the league.

New York is the top team in MLB with a 53-20 season record. The Yankees don’t appear to be threatened by the A´s for today’s game, nor should they. The Athletics might be aiming to rise, but the Yankees seem to be the top team for today´s matchup.

Rangers To Keep Climbing Against Royals

The Texas Rangers are now holding on to the second spot in the AL West. The Rangers have made it their goal to reach and surpass their Texas rivals, the Houston Astros, who currently lead the division standings with a 45-27 record.

For the Rangers, they trail first place by 10.5 games. However, with a chance to play at their home field, the Rangers are ready to face the Kansas City Royals tonight. As for the Royals, the story is more than just a bit different.

Kansas City has remained unable to climb above the bottom of the AL Central Division. However, with two recent defeats against the Oakland Athletics, the Royals are arriving in Texas on a low note.

That is why the Rangers will aim to dominate their upcoming series against the Royals and get back on the right path to pull a solid victory in today´s matchup.

Dodgers To Power Through Rockies

The Los Angeles Dodgers are also at the top of the National League. With a 45-26 season record, the Dodgers dominate the NL West Division. With just a few wins from reaching a top team like the Yankees, the Dodgers have remained on a path to consistency.

LA seems to be dominating in their division. On the other hand, the Colorado Rockies have taken more than just a few hits recently. The Rockies are fifth overall in the NL West division with a 31-42 season record.

The Rockies could potentially deliver a solid performance tonight. Yet, whether that will be sufficient to overtake a top club such as the Dodgers is highly questionable. LA should be able to take a win over Colorado with ease tonight.

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