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  • Betcris.com The chalk has largely held up at the League of Legends World Championships this year. No Cinderella teams have emerged to challenge the heavyweights, and that has held true in Group A too. At the start of this tournament, G2 Esports and Griffin were seen as the best two teams in the group with many giving the nod to G2 over Griffin to win the group. G2 is 3-0 and Griffin is 2-1, and these teams are...  More

  • Betcris.com The best League of Legends teams in the world have descended upon Berlin for the 2019 World Championships. Over the next four weeks the last 16 teams will battle it out for international glory, and a massive prize pool and global renown are at stake. Invictus Gaming are back to defend their title as the first LPL team towin Worlds last year, while Korea is out to prove its supremacy once more aftera...  More

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