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  • Betcris.com The most prestigious League of Legends event of the year came to a close last week in Incheon, but that doesn’t mean the action has stopped just yet. Invictus Gaming’s win at the World Championships was the first ever for a Chinese team on the biggest stage in League of Legends. After a year where either Royal Never Give Up or IG won every major international event, there is plenty of interest in how LPL teams play League. That has led to added intrigue for NEST, one of the offseason tournaments in China, and many will be watching some of the teams that we didn’t get to see on the international stage duke it out.   More

  • Betcris.com The eighth League of Legends World Championship will come to an end with an exciting final match between Invictus Gaming and Fnatic for the right to lift the Summoner’s Cup. Interestingly enough, these two teams already met earlier in the competition with Fnatic taking two of the three   More

  • Betcris.com Western fans are ecstatic after the results of last week’s World Championship Quarterfinals. Three Western teams made it out of the Group Stage, and the expectation was that only one would make it to the Semifinals. Those expectations were shattered after all three Western teams won last   More

  • Betcris.com There have already been some pretty gigantic surprises at the League of Legends World Championship this month. Gen.G was one of the pre-tournament favorites after winning the title last year, but they finished last in Group B during the Group Stage and missed out on the knockout rounds. In their stead, Cloud9 (a team that was 100-1 to win the group prior the start of the competition) finished tied for first and nearly took down the group.   More

  • Betcris.com The most anticipated eSports event of the year is finally here. After a week of play-in matches to determine the final few spots at the League of Legends World Championship, the main event will kick off this week. Teams from China and Korea are heavily favored over the rest of the field, and the Western teams will look to show that the gap between the regions is closing. They are considerable underdogs in their quest to do that though.   More

  • Betcris.com Eight teams are vying for the last four spots in the League of Legends World Championship main event on October 10. For the teams that make it, they get to stay in Korea for another week and will test themselves against the best in the world for a shot at glory and a huge first-place prize.   More

  • Betcris.com Before the main event gets underway on October 10, the Play-In Stage will determine the last four teams at the League of Legends World Championship. These 12 teams are broken into four groups and after a double round-robin, the lowest team will be automatically eliminated.   More

  • Betcris.com In just a few weeks, the League of Legends World Championships will get underway. Familiar names such as SK Telecom T1 and Team SoloMid will not be there, but most of the usual suspects were able to qualify for this year’s competition. Korean and Chinese teams are at the top of the list of favorites. That’s   More

  • Betcris.com This week, four teams will be fighting for Korea’s last spot at the League of Legends World Championships. Two teams have already solidified their bids. KT Rolster won their way in by winning the Summer Split title over Griffin in an epic five-game series on Saturday, and their victory punched Afreeca Freecs’ ticket to Worlds as a result of cumulative points over the two splits.   More

  • Betcris.com On Saturday, Griffin will attempt to finish the impossible dream. Never before have we seen a newly promoted team make it to a split final, much less have a chance to win the whole thing. It’s been a season of firsts for Griffin, as the young team has captured the hearts of League of Legends fans from across the world. Now, only KT Rolster stands in between them and an LCK title and an automatic trip to the World Championships.   More

  • Betcris.com Who will get to Oakland to participate in the NA LCS Summer Split Finals next weekend? That’s the question we will answer this weekend when Cloud9 face Team SoloMid in the first semifinal match on Saturday and Team Liquid square off against 100 Thieves in the second semifinal on Sunday.   More

  • Betcris.com The 2018 NA LCS Summer Split has been a wild ride thus far. Team Liquid grabbed the top spot in the regular season, just like they did in the Spring Split, and are the favorites coming into the playoffs. Everything else about this split has been crazy though. Let’s look at the 2018 NA LCS Summer Split Playoffs.   More

  • Betcris.com The Afreeca Freecs did the first thing they needed to do in order to run the gauntlet and win the 2018 LCK Summer Split on Sunday. Afreeca upset Gen.G as a decent-sized underdog to keep their hopes of winning the split, and qualifying for Worlds, alive.   More

  • Betcris.com It’s been another fantastic season of League of Legends in Korea. The Summer Split regular season ended on Thursday with KT Rolster grabbing the top spot heading into playoffs, but we needed to wait until the very last match to see where they would finish.   More

  • Betcris.com The most lucrative competition in eSports is almost upon us. Last year, The International 2017 once again smashed all previous records in terms of most prize money given out at an eSports competition. The purse for that tournament ended up being $24.8 million with $10.8 million going to the team that grabbed first place, Team Liquid.   More

  • Betcris.com The first ever Overwatch League Finals is a cause for celebration, and Blizzard is doing it right by taking their wildly successful eSport on the road. All year long, games have been played in Los Angeles, but the Overwatch League Finals will be taking place at the Barclays Center in New York City.   More

  • Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

    Overwatch League Stage One Week Five Betting Preview

    By Anonymous

    Betcris.com Entering the last week of Stage One, we’ve seen plenty of exciting Overwatch action. New York, London, and Seoul have been dominant like we expected, but heading into the last week of the season no team has clinched a spot in the playoffs. It looks like London and New York will both be fine. All those two teams have to do is win and they are in.   More

  • Thursday, February 1st, 2018

    Overwatch League Stage One Week Four Betting Preview

    By Anonymous

    Betcris.com Underdogs pulling off incredible upsets was the story of the third week of play in the Overwatch League. Heading into the week, the all-Korean teams were each 4-0 and looked dominant. It seemed that trend was set to continue after London and Seoul each took care of business on Wednesday, but everything changed after some incredible upsets on Thursday.   More

  • Friday, January 26th, 2018

    Overwatch League Stage One Week Three Betting Preview

    By Anonymous

    Betcris.comAt the beginning of the season, we expected the three Korean teams to dominate. They have not disappointed in that regard. The Seoul Dynasty, London Spitfire, and New York Excelsior all fielded exclusively Korean teams. Their decision has been rewarded as all three teams have started 4-0, while the next best team in the Overwatch League is 2-2.  More

  • Betcris.comThe first week of the Overwatch League was a massive success by any indication. Hundreds of thousands of viewers from across the world tuned in to see all 12 teams in action. Almost half a million people were watching on the main Twitch website on the first day, while others were tuning in on other websites or watching replays later on. It seems like this is the next big eSport and with betting and live betting options, there are plenty of ways to make money. Let’s take a look at a few of the games taking place in Week Two.  More

  • Friday, January 12th, 2018

    Overwatch League Betting Preview

    By Andrew Ryan

    Betcris.comThere’s a lot of fanfare surrounding the start of the Overwatch League. Rather than leave it up to the community at large, Blizzard has taken a very hands-on approach in turning Overwatch into an eSport. The Overwatch League adopted a franchising model and drew enough support to get backing from a number of sources. About half the teams will be owned by names and organizations well-known to the eSports community, while the other half will be owned by traditional sports entities. Matches start this week and will be broadcast on Twitch and MLG.  More

  • Betcris.comThe new year will start out right in the CS:GO community. The first big tournament of the year will feature 24 of the best teams from around the world vying for a million-dollar prize pool. Virtually every major team will be there, so this tournament will give us a great indication of who the best teams in the world are.  More

  • Betcris.comTis the season. Christmastime is upon us and that means a break is coming for the next couple weeks in the world of eSports. Before that break, we will have one last tournament in the world of DOTA 2. The Summit isn’t considered a major, but will still have some of the best teams in the world vying for its title. With a prize pool of $300,000, teams will be vying for a little extra gift-giving money for their loved ones.  More

  • Betcris.comThis weekend we will see some of the best League of Legends from around the globe showcase their skills in Los Angeles. Fans from eight different regions have selected five players to represent them here in a variety of events. One of the most anticipated events is the 1v1 Tournament, which will feature 16 of the best players in the world.  More

  • Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

    League of Legends Free Agency Report

    By Andrew Ryan

    Betcris.comIt’s that time of year again. The last week has brought us a whirlwind of activity in the League of Legends offseason as teams finalize their rosters for the 2018 season. The franchising model that North America adopted has brought a slew of European talent to the region and should make North America the second or third-best region in the world next year. Let’s take a look at some of the moves.  More

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