DOTA 2 The Summit 8 Tournament Betting Preview

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan

Tis the season. Christmastime is upon us and that means a break is coming for the next couple weeks in the world of eSports. Before that break, we will have one last tournament in the world of DOTA 2. The Summit isn’t considered a major, but will still have some of the best teams in the world vying for its title. With a prize pool of $300,000, teams will be vying for a little extra gift-giving money for their loved ones.

DOTA 2 The Summit 8 Tournament Betting Odds

Virtus Pro +190

LGD +400

Evil Geniuses +400

OG +600

Fnatic +900

compLexity +1000

OpTic +1200

Kinguin +3200

Sacred +8000

The Rules

Rather than the traditional set-up where teams are split into two groups and then left to battle it out before reaching a knockout stage, The Summit 8 will have three groups with three teams a piece. It will be a round-robin format in the group stage with only two teams being eliminated by the time it’s over.

After that, the three group winners will automatically advance to the semifinals, while the three runners-up and the best last place team will go to a wild card round. At this stage, the matches are best of three, and it’s win or go home. Only one team will make it out and into the semifinals.

At this point, we will see the four best teams duke it out in a best of three in the semifinals and a best of five in the finals.

Group A Preview

Let’s start at the bottom in Group A. No one is expecting much out of Sacred. The Peruvian team upset Infamous in the South America Qualifier and are by far the biggest longshot here. This team was founded two months ago by former members of Digital Chaos, but they have no international experience and are in a brutal group.

Virtus Pro is the favorite and has won each of the last two Summits. They knocked off Team Secret in June and dismantled OG in a sweep last year at this event. Virtus has been playing well too. They were one of the top six finishers at The International and won ESL One Hamburg. Unlike other teams, they are not integrating anyone new into the roster and are a deserved favorite.

OG is one of those squads integrating a new member. The team parted ways with ana after The International and brought on Resolut1on to replace him in September. They have taken part in a flurry of events in order to get him acclimated with the team, but the results have been marginal. They did just win MDL Macau though, knocking off Virtus Pro and LGD in the process. OG may be the best bet at those odds based on that victory just a couple days ago.

Group B Preview

Evil Geniuses are an institution at this point. They have been an eSports organization since last millennium and have won a slew of tournaments. Things have not gone well for the organization this season though. They have only won one Premier tier event all season and have had trouble beating most of the other teams in this event. Stay away from betting them at these odds.

There isn’t a lot to like about compLexity Gaming either. They have failed to get out of the qualifying bracket for most big tournaments this season and have bounced around the minor and major tiers of DOTA 2. This team did have an encouraging performance at Perfect World Masters a month ago though.

Team Kinguin has had an incredible workload. This team has been trying to break through since it was founded three months ago and they have picked up a lot of experience in a short amount of time. I think they are a live dark horse and might get past compLexity.

Group C Preview

LGD is the favorite in its group, mainly off of its fourth-place finish at The International. This team has really struggled in the past three months and has performed poorly at Majors and failed to get out of qualifiers. Stay away from betting them at such low odds.

OpTic Gaming is not in a good position either. Saksa just replaced MiSeRy last month and this team has looked mediocre in qualifiers and minor tournaments. They are in a weak group, but are the weakest team in the group.

Fanatic has totally revamped its roster and while this team is talented, there are still communication issues that need to be ironed out. This is a truly multinational roster just coming together and that’s always tricky for a couple months. They have performed well in qualifiers lately though and should eventually surprise. Fanatic may be worth a couple bucks as a longshot.

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