LCK Korea Spring 2018 Promotion Preview

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
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If you thought that all the domestic action in Korea was done after Samsung Galaxy’s surprise win over KT Rolster to clinch the last Korean spot at Worlds, think again. There is still the small matter of who will be playing in the most prestigious League of Legends in the world come 2018. Ever8 Winners and bbq OLIVERS finished at the bottom of the LCK in the Summer Split, with both sides going 3-15. They will be fighting for their spots against two teams that were recently in the LCK, Kongdoo Monsters and CJ Entus.

Opening LCK Korea Spring Promotion Betting Odds

CJ Entus -130

Bbq OLIVERS +110

C.J. Entus was expected to be promoted for the Summer Split after a perfect 14-0 record in Challengers Korea in the Spring Split, but got dropped by Kongdoo Monster and Ever8 Winners in a surprise. They were forced back down to the Challenger ranks for another season as a result, but didn’t let that setback bother them too long.

Entus dominated Challenger Korea once again in the Summer Split, going 13-1. They beat Kongdoo Monster 3-2 in a fantastic series in the playoffs to earn the top spot heading into the Promotion playoff. This team has a rich history in League of Legends and they will have a lot of fans cheering them on against bbq OLIVERS.

Candy is the one to watch for CJ Entus. He is the team’s star in the mid-lane and is eager to play at the highest level of League of Legends. He was a good mid-laner in Taiwan in 2015, but was suspended for all of 2016 after talking with other teams behind his old team’s back. Candy can put in work in the mid-lane, especially on Cassiopeia.

In spring, bbq OLIVERS were one of the feel good stories in Korea. The team that struggled to find a sponsor found a fried chicken company willing to support them at the last minute in the spring. Wins and free fried chicken for the audience quickly followed, but after a promising performance in the Spring Split, the team suffered a major setback during the Summer Split.

Bbq just couldn’t get it going during the summer. Two of their three wins came against Ever8 Winners and the other came against Jin Air. The bare bones organization didn’t have any subs it felt confident enough to play during the summer and limped across the finish line with its original starting five.

Bless needs to play better for bbq to stay up. He was the worst jungler in Korea during the Summer Split with a 2.0 KDA and had less kills than his top-lane teammate Crazy. Bless fell behind his counterpart way too often and was unsuccessful in pulling off ganks to get his team ahead. His performance was so poor that the team signed a new jungler, Bono, last week and he might start over Bless in the jungle.

Kongdoo Monster -110

Ever8 Winners -110

Kongdoo Monster was dead last in LCK during the Spring Split and was knocked down to the Challenger ranks by this same Ever8 Winners team back in April.

Kongdoo went 10-4 in Challengers Korea during the Summer Split and managed to keep their team together for the most part. However, there is reason to doubt their ability to get back up and it starts in the mid-lane.

Edge was not good at all on some of the most powerful picks in the meta right now. He really struggled on both Cassiopeia and Taliyah in the Spring Split and instead preferred a champion that is never seen anymore in Ryze. Although they may have the best bottom lane of all four teams with the duo of Guger and Ssol on their side, Edge is a liability.

Ever8 Winners showed some real signs of life at time during the Summer Split. Although the team went 3-15, they got the better of MVP twice and knocked off ROX Tigers once and gave some of the better team in Korea some good games.

This team relies on its jungler Malrang to initiate. Malrang led the team in KDA this split and was constantly roaming around trying to get advantages for his team. Kongdoo, and Edge in particular, must constantly be aware of where he is on the map.


In the first matchup, look for CJ to get the job done. This team is more than ready to return to the highest level of League of Legends and will find a way to win.

Back Ever8 Winners in the other matchup. Malrang will be a major nuisance against Kongdoo and will lead Ever8 to a victory.

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