LCS North America Regional Qualifier Dignitas vs FlyQuest

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
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Two of North America’s three berths in the League of Legends World Championship have already been locked up. The strong performance of both Team SoloMid and Immortals in the Summer Split punched both teams’ tickets to China as soon as they made the finals. The last spot for North America is up for grabs and will be decided this weekend in a gauntlet format. Both Dignitas and FlyQuest know they must run the gauntlet, with the winner beating Cloud9 and Counter Logic Gaming, in order to make it to Worlds.

Opening LCS North America League of Legends Betting Odds

Dignitas -335

FlyQuest +275

How They Got Here

FlyQuest is only here because of its performance in the Spring Split. FlyQuest went 9-9 and finished in fifth place during the regular season, but then knocked off Counter Logic Gaming in the Spring Quarterfinals and took Phoenix1 to five games in their bid for third place.

If it wasn’t for Phoenix1’s total meltdown this split, FlyQuest would be on the outside looking in. FlyQuest went 6-12 in the regular season and finished in seventh place this split, but Phoenix1 bottomed out and finished in dead last.

Dignitas was more consistent over both splits than their opposition in this series. They went 9-9 as well during the Spring Split and made the playoffs and followed that up with an 11-7 performance in Summer Split.

This team came into its own during the summer and looked great against Cloud9 in the Quarterfinals. They did get knocked off by TSM in the semifinals, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of considering TSM’s dominance.

It’s been two months since the last time these sides squared off. FlyQuest got the better of Dignitas at that time, but plenty has changed since then.

What To Watch For

This is going to be a bit of a homecoming for Altec, who has become one of the best AD Carries in North America. Altec was on FlyQuest in the Spring Split, but moved to Dignitas for the Summer Split and helped turn things around for the team.

The addition of Altec, along with Adrian at Support, made this team immediately viable in North America. Altec and Adrian clicked together and looked like they had been teammates for months rather than just a mere amount of weeks.

Meanwhile, FlyQuest captain LemonNation decided to teach out to WildTurtle and asked him to fill the role on their roster with Altec now out of the picture. It was a reunion of their days together with Orbit, Quantic, and Cloud9, but while it was a good story, it did not have the desired result.

Top-laner Balls and mid-laner Hai were on those teams too and while the four of them certainly have chemistry, they don’t have the micro skill that the game now requires. In particular, the bottom lane duo of WildTurtle and LemonNation have just looked outmatched at times and they were one of the worst bottom lanes during the Summer Split.


It’s hard to see a way that FlyQuest can win this one. They did beat Dignitas during the Summer Split, but that was four or five patches ago and Dignitas has had a good read on the current meta. Unlike other teams, like Cloud9, that looked lost at times with how to lane, Dignitas knows what to do and has good strategies.

Dignitas’ bottom lane should do very well against FlyQuest. Adrian and Altec are far superior to LemonNation and WildTurtle and should be able to win this matchup. In this meta where playmaking support champions are preferred, WildTurtle isn’t as easily bailed out from positioning mistakes. All too often, he moves forward too far in lane or in a teamfight and gets killed, putting his team in a bad spot.

The top lane should see Dignitas with a big advantage too. He can be hit or miss at times, but Ssumday is still one of the best top laners in North America. Ssumday is a good bit better than Balls and should be able to win his lane matchup pretty handily. That’s two big lane advantages for Dignitas and will carry them to a win.

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