League of Legends All-Stars 1v1 Betting Preview

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
BETCRIS League of Legends All Stars 1v1 Betting Odds

This weekend we will see some of the best League of Legends from around the globe showcase their skills in Los Angeles. Fans from eight different regions have selected five players to represent them here in a variety of events. One of the most anticipated events is the 1v1 Tournament, which will feature 16 of the best players in the world.

League of Legends All Stars 1v1 Betting Odds

Uzi +550

PraY +650

Faker +800

Bjergsen +800

PowerOfEvil +900

Frozen +900

Naul +1000

FoFo +1000

Sneaky +1400

Zeitnot +1400

brTT +1400

Rekkles +1400

VVvert +2200

Meiko +2500

Levi +2500

SwordArT +2500

The Rules

While all League of Legends team games take place on Summoner’s Rift, the 1v1 Tournament takes place on Howling Abyss. A player can win in one of three ways. You can either kill your opponent, be the first to 100cs, or destroy the first turret in order to get the victory.

There are 16 players taking part in this 1v1 Tournament. The first two rounds will be best of one, while the Semifinals and Finals will both be best of three.

The Contenders

Uzi is the favorite after winning the event last year, but he had a relatively easy go of things in his bracket. There’s no denying that he is one of the most individually skilled players in the world, yet he didn’t have to face someone I would consider a tough opponent until the finals. Last year, he beat a support player in MadLife and two players from lesser regions in Optimus and Levi on the way to the semifinals.

This year, he is going to be favored to get to the Semifinals again. Uzi shouldn’t have much trouble getting past Levi in his first match and will be favored against either Sneaky or brTT too.

The next best favorite is PraY, who will likely roll over his first opponent, SwordArT. PraY is an AD Carry that is one of the best mechanical players in the world as well and has fared very well at these events. He got to the Semifinals in 2015, but last year lost to Mata in the Round of 16 and will be out for revenge.

One of the few titles that Faker does not have is 1v1 champion. He has been one and done in each of the last two seasons and will have people gameplan specifically against him in what is typically a fun event. Froggen did it in 2015 and last year it was Mata. Faker should be able to get past VVvert in his first matchup, but both Bjergsen and FoFo will have something in store for him.

Don’t Waste Your Money

Keep this in mind when wagering on this event. It’s really hard for junglers and supports to do well here given the nature of the 1v1 and top laners usually don’t perform well either. That’s why you see AD Carries and mid laners as the favorites as they typically dominate this event.

Along those lines, stay away from players like Meiko, SwordArT, and Levi. Levi might be particularly appealing at 25-1 considering his aggressive playstyle, especially after what we saw at MSI and Worlds, but junglers rely on stealth and surprise and that isn’t really possible in a 1v1.

The Plays

PowerOfEvil has something to prove. He was the best mid laner in Europe this season and has been looking to show everyone that he is no longer just an up and comer, but one of the best mid laners in the world right now. PoE has a relatively favorable job to the Semfinals and can mechanically outplay both Bjergsen and FoFo. Getting him at +900 is a bargain for an event like this.

Rekkles has not fared well in either of the prior two seasons’ 1v1 Tournaments, but this price is a little too high not to like. He is still one of the best mechanical players in the world and has outplayed some of the best AD Carries in the world in the past. He has a tough draw and will face tough opponents throughout, but at 14-1 this is a great bet.

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