League of Legends Free Agency Report

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
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It’s that time of year again. The last week has brought us a whirlwind of activity in the League of Legends offseason as teams finalize their rosters for the 2018 season. The franchising model that North America adopted has brought a slew of European talent to the region and should make North America the second or third-best region in the world next year. Let’s take a look at some of the moves.

League of Legends Free Agency Report News

Team SoloMid gets stronger

TSM is shaking things up and is looking like an overwhelming favorite to win its fourth straight domestic championship in the spring. The best team in North America kept the best mid-laner in the region and re-signed Hauntzer to a two-year contract.

In 2017, the biggest weakness on the team was Svenskeren. The jungler just didn’t look like he had it anymore and was unable to put up consistently good performances. TSM addressed this by signing the best young jungler in the region in Mike Yeung. Yeung was on of the lone bright spots on Phoenix1 and should be a significant upgrade.

The bottom lane struggled at times too, so TSM went across the pond to grab the best bottom lane duo in Europe. Zven and mithy were an integral part of why G2 won four straight European titles and consistently bested many teams on the international stage too. TSM and Doublelift were expected to part ways, but it sounds like Zven and mithy were a package deal which meant Biofrost had to go too. Fortunately for Biofrost, he was not a free agent for long.

Counter Logic Gaming signs Biofrost

Aphromoo is a fan favorite that everyone loves, but when a player like Biofrost is available you have to go out and grab him. Just a couple days after TSM announced it was signing Zven and mithy, CLG went out and signed Biofrost. That meant the team had to part ways with the likable Aphromoo, but he is sure to find a team soon too.

CLG looks ready to return to Worlds. TSM’s long-time rival re-signed Darshan, Huhu, and Stixxay and made a big change in the jungle too. CLG used three different junglers last year as neither xmithie, Dardoch, or OmarGod proved to be a reliable option. They announced on Sunday that they had signed Reignover from Team Liquid and the hope is that he can fill the role, but OmarGod will be kept on just in case.

Team Liquid is signing a brand new roster…again

Team Liquid looks content to continue to disregard chemistry and just throw money at the top free agents and hope that fixes things. When will this team learn? Few organizations have the resources that Team Liquid does, but rather than slowly build up a young team, they continue to turn over their roster again and again.

TL has announced that it is bringing Doublelift back into the role and signed him to a three-year contract, and they also signed Pobelter to be their mid-laner and Xmithie to be their jungler. These are all good players, but we have no clue how they will all play together. Additionally, the team still has not signed a top laner or a support, so there are still a number of question marks surrounding this team. Don’t be surprised to see Team Liquid sign aphromoo and recreate Rush Hour.

100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming sign their initial rosters

It didn’t take long for Clutch Gaming and 100 Thieves to make a splash. The two new franchises that are owned by NBA teams quickly made some big moves.

100 Thieves is owned by the Cleveland Cavaliers and the CEO is Nadeshot. They went out and signed Ryu, Meteos, and Ssumday to their roster and look ready to be competitive with those three veterans.

Clutch Gaming took a little longer to finalize some deals, but made a big splash by landing mid-laner Febiven from H2K. Febiven will be playing in North America for the first time in his career and will be joined by one of the best junglers in the region in LirA. Clutch also signed Apollo and Hakuho.

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