League of Legends KeSPA Cup Round of 16 Preview

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
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The KeSPA Cup gets underway this week as the top League of Legends teams in Korea duke it out for regional supremacy. After the dissolution of CJ Entus, there will be 19 teams heading to the Rift to determine who will be crowned this year’s champions. The four teams that finished atop the LCK Summer Split will receive automatic berths into the quarterfinals and won’t have to play until next week. However, the six other teams that were in the LCK Summer Split, along with the top six teams from the second tier of Korean League of Legends and three play-in teams will have to play in the Round of 16 for the right to face the LCK juggernauts in the Quarterfinals.

League of Legends World Championships Round of 16 Betting Odds

There is a pretty wide gap between some of the LCK teams playing in this round and the teams playing in lower tiers across Korea. That makes for some of the biggest lines you will see in eSports.

MVP -3300

KeG Gangwon +900

Gangwon is seen as the best of the three play-in teams that earned a berth to the KeSPA Cup at the Korea e-Sports Games and are the smallest underdog.

The last time we saw MVP, the darlings of the LCK Spring Split were turning more heads by taking Afreeca Freecs to a Game 5 in the LCK Regional Finals. This team looks set to run it back with the same roster it had last year, including a solid bottom lane in MaHa and Max. Max was hailed as one of the most innovative Supports in Korea this year and it will be interesting to see what he has in store now that Ardent Censer has been nerfed.

BBQ Olivers -2000

I Gaming Star +750

I Gaming Star was the worst team in Challengers Korea during the Summer Split, so it’s a bit of a surprise to see them at only +750. They finished 2-12 and only won five rounds all season long.

BBQ Olivers were one of the best stories in League of Legends in the first month of 2017, but completely fell apart in the Summer Split. The Olivers went just 3-15 and needed to survive a relegation battle against now-dissolved CJ Entus. It will be interesting to see who BBQ starts in the jungle as BlesS may have been the worst player in the LCK last split and the team signed Bono in September, seemingly to replace him.

JinAir Green Wings -15000

KeG Gwangju +1600

No team is a bigger favorite than Jin Air Green Wings. Jin Air have been a mainstay in the LCK over the years and have some very solid players. Teddy is seen as one of the best young AD Carries in the world and Kuzan is a solid mid laner. Additionally, Umti showed some signs of promise as the year went on. Gwangju has its hands full in this match-up.

Kongdoo Monster -500

DAMWON Gaming +333

This is the closest matchup on the board according to the oddsmakers. Unlike many of these matches, these teams do have some familiarity with each other as Kongdoo Monster was in Challengers along with DAMWON Gaming in the Summer Split, with Kongdoo winning both matchups.

Kongdoo looks to be fielding the same team it did last year, so it’s a bit curious to see relatively short odds here. Kongdoo Monster do have a very good AD Carry in Ssol and the rest of the team is better than what DAMWON can boast too. DAMWON does have a good mid laner in TRY, but the bottom lane is iffy and jungler Crush was released by Kongdoo last year.

ROX Tigers -8000

KeG Gyeonggi +1200

ROX is the team with the most potential to be great in 2018. The Tigers had to build their roster from scratch in 2017 after all of its talented 2016 squad signed for big money elsewhere. ROX is tweaking and retooling its roster right now and determining who to play in the top lane, jungle, and mid lane, but the bottom lane is great with Sangyoon and KeY setting the tone for this team.

Ever8 Winners -3300

Team BattleComics +900

It’s a little surprising to see Ever8 Winners as such a big favorite. Ever8 was just relegated from the LCK and doesn’t have a very good bottom lane. Deul and Ella struggled during the Summer Split and are susceptible to early game pressure. While Ever8 does have an up and coming jungler in Malrang and a good mid laner in Cepted, this is too high of a price.

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