League of Legends World Championships Group B Betting Preview

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan

Our first two representatives for the Quarterfinals will be decided on Thursday when the second leg of Group B gives us a flurry of action. Every team in this group has already played every other team once, and now they will all meet a second time. Longzhu Gaming is 3-0 and has been far and away the best team in the group and look all but certain to lock up the top spot. Immortals is right behind them at 2-1, and are currently in line to get the other spot. However, 0-3 Fnatic and 1-2 GIGABYTE Marines will try to rally in order to avoid an early exit.

League of Legends World Championships Final Day Betting Odds

Immortals -165

GIGABYTE Marines +140

The first match of the day will be between the second and third teams in this group and Immortals can all but clinch a spot with a win here. A win would put them two games over the Marines, and 2.5 games up on Fnatic.

Immortals aren’t as big of favorites as you might think though. GIGABYTE Marines select off-meta picks and use innovative strategies in order to catch their opponents off guard. Although that strategy has had mixed results, it makes them hard to predict.

When these two teams met before, the Marines selected Kayn and put him in the jungle. Unfortunately, they were not able to level him like they wanted and Immortals were able to grind out a slow, complete victory.

This match is all about the early game. If the Marines can find a way to get ahead early with some picks, they can throw Immortals out of rhythm. However, if the game stalls out or is even through the first 20 minutes, Immortals becomes a big favorite to win because of their penchant to win big team fights thanks to impressive coordination.

Longzhu Gaming -501

Fnatic +381

The first meeting between these two teams was the quickest match of the tournament by a considerable margin, despite not having a kill until a little over three minutes before the match ended.

Longzhu surprised Fnatic with a final pick of Nasus and put him in the top lane against Maokai. There, he was able to control his lane and farm as he pleased, while turning into a devastating mid-game powerhouse.

It was almost laughable to see Fnatic try to find a way to combat Nasus, as they had no way to engage against him without Janna or Gragas. He was able to single-handedly take down multiple turrets and any time Maokai tried to fight him, he dispatched of the champion with ease. That led to Longzhu winning this game in under 21 minutes, and we even got to see the Rift Herald dance after it was summoned inside of Fnatic’s base.

Fnatic is just outclassed by Longzhu. It’s hard to come back from getting a perfect game put on you, and even harder when you realize that your opponent can mechanically outplay you or outdraft you. It’s a shame that this is how it ends for Fnatic, as they are effectively eliminated with a loss here. If they got to play Longzhu later on in the day when they had already clinched the top spot, they could perhaps pull the upset. However, Longzhu will look to earn the top spot as quickly as possible.

Fnatic +130

Immortals -150

How this one goes will depend greatly on the outcome of the first two matches. These two teams were virtually even in their first meeting with a Rekkles mistake late in the game deciding the outcome. However, if the chalk holds up in the first two matches, Immortals will be playing for a Quarterfinals spot, while Fnatic will only have pride to play for.

If Fnatic has something to play for, either through a prior Immortals loss or a Fnatic upset of Longzhu, I think they will knock off Immortals this time around. However, if they don’t, I expect them to play a more unconventional game style and just let loose.

Longzhu Gaming -433

GIGABYTE Marines +350

Speaking of unconventional game style, the Marines might be the one team immune to a win/loss record. They are going to use off-meta picks no matter what is on the line, so you know to expect the unexpected from this team no matter what happens in the earlier games.

Unfortunately for the Marines, Longzhu destroyed them the last time these teams met, and it’s hard to imagine that changing this time around. Longzhu showed that they can match their aggressiveness in the early game, and we all know Longzhu will outplay them in the late game. Even if Longzhu takes this a little less seriously, they should roll.

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