League of Legends World Championships Semifinals Betting

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
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At this point, no one is surprised to see two Korean and two Chinese teams in the semifinals. For the last five or six years, Korea has been the best region for League of Legends in the world and China has been right behind them. Although the Chinese teams crashed and burned at last year’s Worlds, they were expected to do much better this time around with Worlds in China. Both Korean teams are favored over their Chinese counterparts and if the chalk holds it will create a rematch of last year’s World Championship Final.

League of Legends World Championships Semifinals Betting Odds

SK Telecom T1 -200

Royal Never Give Up +150

The Quarterfinals weren’t easy for either of these teams. SK Telecom T1 was a massive favorite over Misfits, and won the first game in a rout. However, Misfits responded with two Support picks that were outside the meta and the members of SKT were left scratching their heads. SKT eventually responded with their backs to the wall and picked out two straight narrow wins to win the series. Being pushed to the absolute brink by a plucky Misfits team shows the weaknesses in this team though.

Royal Never Give Up fared better in their Quarterfinals series against Fnatic. Still, they got a much bigger test than they bargained for from the European qualifier. Fnatic totally blew their chances to win Game 2 because they allowed an inexplicable Baron steal and that put them in a 2-0 they couldn’t get out of. RNGU did manage to win the series 3-1 but it wasn’t pretty.

If RNGU is going to pull off the upset, there are a few things they need. First, they need jungler mxlg to play well in the series. He has been remarkably up and down the last few months with phenomenal play interspersed with very questionable decision making. No one except kkoma knows whether or not his opponent will be Peanut or Blank, but he needs to be able to not make the mistakes that have killed this team in the past.

Also, Uzi has to keep his composure. One of the best AD Carries in the world is a very emotional player and will sometimes chase a kill a little too far. SKT will punish him if he goes too aggressive and you know that they are planning to test him in different ways.

At the end of the day, you can’t go against the defending champs though. Despite their flaws, there’s no question that SKT is the best team in the world and getting them at -200 is a good price.

Samsung Galaxy -275

Team World Elite +200

No team was more impressive in the Quarterfinals than Samsung Galaxy. Samsung was matched against fellow Korean side Longzhu Gaming; a team that had swept all its games in Group Stage and looked unstoppable after winning the Korean Summer Split. Some great jungle play from Ambition and the steady hands of Crown and CuVee led them to unexpectedly sweep Longzhu.

Team WE had perhaps the easiest matchup in the Quarterfinals, but still got pushed to the fifth game by Cloud9. Cloud9 outplayed them for long stretches of the series, but Team WE was able to win enough late game team fights to win the series.

This line is a little bit of an overreaction to Samsung’s recent performance. Samsung was knocked off twice by Royal Never Give Up in the Group Stage and looked like the fourth-best team in Korea for much of the Summer Split.

Korean teams are hard to bet against as they have been the best in the world for so long, but these are great odds on Team World Elite. Samsung Galaxy is known for its coordination in late game team fights and how they only need to get to that point, but Team WE might be just as good in this respect. They relied on late game team fights to win all throughout the Chinese Summer Split and at the Mid-Season Invitational too. Team WE has a lot of playmakers and Condi has a good chance of outplaying either Ambition or Haru and giving his lanes advantages in the early game.

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