LoL World Championships Group A Betting Preview

Thursday, October 17th, 2019

By Jonathan Willis
LoL World Championships Group A Betting Preview

The chalk has largely held up at the League of Legends World Championships this year. No Cinderella teams have emerged to challenge the heavyweights, and that has held true in Group A too. At the start of this tournament, G2 Esports and Griffin were seen as the best two teams in the group with many giving the nod to G2 over Griffin to win the group. G2 is 3-0 and Griffin is 2-1, and these teams are likely to make it to the knockout rounds. Cloud9 is still out to earn its spot though, while Hong Kong Attitude wants to play spoiler and at least pick up one win.

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2019 LoL World Championships Group A Betting Odds at Betcris

  • G2 Esports -200
  • Griffin +170

The love affair between G2 and Griffin is currently at an impasse with the two teams pitted against one another in the same group. G2 had no problems dispatching of Griffin in the first meeting between these two teams on Saturday as the European and Mid-Season Invitational champions continually punished Griffin’s mediocre top laner Sword.

Top lane has been the weak link of Griffin for this entire year, and G2 smashed Sword although Griffin set up a comp to try to get him going and kept jungle pressure around him in the top lane. G2’s ability to play through any lane shined through in that meeting, and that’s the reason G2 will win the rematch too.

  • Cloud9 -275
  • Hong Kong Attitude +235

Cloud9 had some real trouble getting over the line against Hong Kong Attitude in their first match. HKA ended up with more kills than C9, and for a brief period it looked like HKA would pick up the win as Tristana, Garen, and Yuumi all made it to the late game with six items.

Reapered prioritized the early game last time, but C9 couldn’t get ahead by enough to cruise to a win, so expect some adjustments. C9 is more likely to play for the mid and late game in this rematch, yet I do think HKA will win a game at this event and C9 presents the best chance.

  • G2 Esports -1100
  • Hong Kong Attitude +700

This will be a slaughter. G2 went ultra aggressive in the previous meeting between these two sides, looking to set the record for fastest average game time in the Group Stage. That led to the European champs making mistakes and donating kills to their opponents, and they won’t make the same errors this time around provided they still have something to play for here. Mikyx was the biggest culprit with some ill-advised Rakan dives, so expect him to be more conservative.

  • Griffin -260
  • Cloud9 +220

Will we see dueling low-damage, high scaling bottom lanes again? Probably not. C9 likely doesn’t want to see Lehends anywhere near Yuumi again after Griffin’s support again proved why he was the best Yuumi in the world a few days ago, dealing massive amounts of damage to their team comp and almost single-handedly turning the game on its head.

C9 stand a decent chance of pulling off the upset as Griffin’s inexperience has shown on the international stage, and that would create an exciting final day.

  • G2 Esports -350
  • Cloud9 +290

It doesn’t matter what C9 tries against G2, it just won’t work. Provided G2 have something to play for, the European champions will smash C9 in this match. The North American’s only potential advantage is in the top lane with Licorice, but G2 will either directly counter with Wunder on a priority pick or let Jankos stay more towards the top side to take away that lone win condition.

  • Griffin -500
  • Hong Kong Attitude +400

HKA wasn’t terrible against Griffin in its first game, but the stakes have been raised. They don’t have the laning talent of their Korean counterparts, and they don’t have a top laner that can take advantage of Sword. That should lead to an easy win for Griffin.

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