Overwatch League Stage One Betting Odds

Friday, January 19th, 2018

By Tom Wilkinson
betcris Overwatch League Stage One Betting Odds

The first week of the Overwatch League was a massive success by any indication. Hundreds of thousands of viewers from across the world tuned in to see all 12 teams in action. Almost half a million people were watching on the main Twitch website on the first day, while others were tuning in on other websites or watching replays later on. It seems like this is the next big eSport and with betting and live betting options, there are plenty of ways to make money. Let’s take a look at a few of the games taking place in Week Two.

Overwatch League Stage One Betting Odds

Philadelphia Fusion -350

San Francisco Shock +250

This line is a little off to me. The oddsmakers are giving the Fusion too much credit for their win over the Houston Outlaws. Heading into that match, the Fusion were an underdog, and turned some heads when they beat the Outlaws.

However, that Outlaws team had a myriad of problems. Jake and Linkzr had some trouble working together, and the support play just wasn’t there.

San Francisco is a little bit underrated. The Shock don’t have much flexibility until March, but I liked what I saw from this team. They were somewhat competitive against the Los Angeles Valiant and wiped the floor with the Shanghai Dragons.

The play of Danteh and dhaK was inspiring too. San Francisco proved that it is more than just babybay, and that the rest of the roster can hold its own.

With a few days to prepare, the Shock won’t be caught off guard by the Fusion. A lot of Philadelphia’s success came from PoKo’s ability to get self-destruct kills with his D.Va, and San Francisco will be wary of that.

The Shock should be closer to a +160 underdog, so there is a good bit of value here.

Seoul Dynasty -3300

Florida Mayhem +900

We all expected Seoul to be the best team in the Overwatch League at the start of the season. That has proved to be the case through the first week.

Seoul was extremely impressive in the first week of action despite some obvious jitters in its first match. The Dynasty were clearly better than the Dallas Fuel, but made some costly mistakes on the first map and through the first half of the second map. They were able to rebound though and get the win. Then, they followed that up by hammering the Los Angeles Gladiators in their second match.

Florida was one of the most disappointing teams of the opening week. Many are already calling the Mayhem the worst team in the league. The team’s decision to only sign six players and not include substitutes has been called into question as it limits the number of strategies it can play.

There’s no doubt that Seoul are the better team in this one. The better question is whether or not Florida can take a map. Florida does have some talent at DPS, but the Seoul have a massive advantage when it comes to support play. Tobi and Ryujehong are the two best supports in the league. They will help lead the Dynasty to a sweep.

Houston Outlaws -600

Shanghai Dragons +350

Shanghai looked like the worst team in the league in the first week of action. The Dragons looked out of sorts and just lacked chemistry. Some of it was first week nerves, while some of it was also due to the team’s inability to practice much. There had been some trouble getting the entire team over to the US, and that hindered things.

The Outlaws have some chemistry issues of their own. As I mentioned, Jake and Linkzr are both very talented, but had some trouble playing off of one another. The support play was not very good either, but Muma proved why he is considered one of the top tanks in North America.

In due time, both these teams will be fine. Houston has a lot more talent than Shanghai does though. The Outlaws will fix some of the chemistry problems that plagued them in the first week, and Jake and Linkzr will play better. Look for Houston to win the series 3-1.

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