Overwatch League Stage One Week Four Betting Preview

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

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Underdogs pulling off incredible upsets was the story of the third week of play in the Overwatch League. Heading into the week, the all-Korean teams were each 4-0 and looked dominant. It seemed that trend was set to continue after London and Seoul each took care of business on Wednesday, but everything changed after some incredible upsets on Thursday.

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Both Boston and Philadelphia were pretty big underdogs heading into their matches with London and New York. However, through some inspiring play, both teams were able to pull off the upset. The Uprising were +900 to win, while the Fusion were +1000, creating some unbelievable opportunities for underdog bettors.

Last week proved there is a lot more parity in the league than we were led to believe. This week the big question is whether or not the all-Korean teams can bounce back from their first loss of the season.

Overwatch League Stage One Week Four Betting Odds

Los Angeles Valiant -150

Philadelphia Fusion +110

In Week 3, the Valiant showed a lot of resiliency by reverse sweeping their city rivals. However, in that series they showed a lot of mistakes, especially in the back line. Kariv and Unkoe had a very hard time staying alive against the Guardians, with Unkoe in particular getting picked off time and time again. Although they played much better later in the week against the Florida Mayhem, this is something to be wary of.

Philadelphia looked great in its upset win over New York last week. The Fusion got some incredible play out of their DPS players, as ShadowBurn and Carpe continued to prove they are one of the top duos in the OWL. ShadowBurn might be the best player in the league with Genji’s ultimate, and Carpe has been fantastic on Tracer.

Support play has been huge in this meta, and I think the Fusion have better supports than the Valiant. Additionally, I would rather have ShadowBurn and Carpe than Soon and Agilities, so Philly is great value as an underdog here.

Los Angeles Guardians -700

Florida Mayhem +400

The Mayhem might just be the worst team in the Overwatch League at this point. Whereas other teams have been able to diversify their lineups and have players specialize on certain champions or maps, Florida has not been able to do anything in that regard. Because the team has only six players, it is unable to be innovative. That has hurt them this year, and will continue to hurt them until Stage 2.

LA’s second team shouldn’t be big favorites against many teams, but it’s fair for them to be a large favorite in this one. The Guardians have better DPS players than the Mayhem, and the support play is better too. The Finnish backline of Shaz and BigGoose has been much better than Zuppeh and Zebbosai, and that will be the difference.

Houston Outlaws -1600

San Francisco Shock +700

The Green Wall is on fire right now. Houston has beat four straight teams 4-0 and has put its first two losses in the rear view mirror. The Outlaws are likely the best Western team in the league and have had incredible coordination between their DPS stars, Jake and Linkzr. The tank play has been great too, with Muma and coolmatt setting the pace up front.

San Francisco is still waiting on two players to be eligible to play. Until Super and Sinatraa return, this team is not able to be at its best. This team isn’t as bad as some believe, but it’s hard to believe they can beat the Outlaws.

Seoul Dynasty -350

London Spitfire +250

The Dynasty are going to be favored against any team in the league. However, this team has proven to have lapses and there have been issues as new members get integrated into the lineup. Ryujehong and Tobi have even had a few hiccups in recent weeks, showing this team is not unbeatable.

London may not have looked particularly great last week, but this is still one of the best teams around. Bdosin and birdring are two of the top players in the league, and this team can rotate in other DPS talent.

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