NFL Week 10 Schedule - Seahawks vs Cardinals

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
BETCRIS NFL Week 10 Preview Seahawks vs Cardinals

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NFL Week 10 Schedule with Week 10 Betting Lines

Thursday, November 9

Seahawks 43

Cardinals +6.5

Adrian Peterson ran the ball a career-high 37 times last week. It's hard to see him doing that again versus the stout Seahawks' front seven on a short week. Welcome to a pressure-packed game, Drew Stanton. And Godspeed.

Sunday, November 12

Vikings 43

Redskins +2.5

Remember Teddy Bridgewater? There's a chance he could be in uniform this week for the Vikings. A slip by Case Keenum, and it could be time to get Teddy Two Gloves back in the saddle for the first time in almost two full years.


Bears -3

The Bears haven't been favored against Green Bay in 18 straight games. That's all going to come to an end on Sunday, and it's proof of just how little the oddsmakers really think of these Packers with Brett Hundley under center.

Steelers 43

Colts +10

The Colts have only been double-digit underdogs at home once since Peyton Manning came to town, and that happened to be a game in which the Steelers were at Lucas Oil Field. Manning was out for the season with his neck surgeries, and Big Ben and the gang had no troubles walking out of Indy with a 'W'.

Chargers 41.5

Jaguars -4

The Jags look like legitimate favorites in the AFC South, but they could be facing some problems this week if their best defensive player, Jalen Ramsey is suspended from his altercation with A.J. Green last week.


Buccaneers OTB

Ryan Fitzpatrick. Facing the New York Jets. How much more poetic justice could you have than that in the NFL?

Bengals 40.5

Titans -4The Titans are methodically going about their business right now, but it's hard to say they're in their best form in spite of their recent success. At some point, Marcus Mariota has to get out of the pocket and start running again if this team is going to legitimately contend for a playoff spot.

Saints 48.5

Bills +2.5

Had we told you the Saints and Bills would be playing in the best game of the weekend in Week 10 even as recently as three or four weeks ago, most would have called you crazy. Yet these two teams have combined for 11 wins this season and are definitely right in the thick of the playoff fight.


Lions -11

The Lions aren't double-digit favorites all that often. There's a chance this is the biggest spread they've ever had on the board next to their name in their history. For the Browns? This is just old hat.

Texans 47

Rams -10

The Texans opened up at -13 last week against the Colts at home. One horrible performance and one Deshaun Watson knee injury later, and their spread has swung a whopping 23 points from one game to the next in L.A.

Cowboys 50.5

Falcons -3

The curse of the Super Bowl loser is real, and it's haunting the Falcons now. There's a good chance they drop to 4-5 with Dallas coming to town. There's still a question as to whether or not Ezekiel Elliott will be with the 'Boys when they touch down in Hot 'Lanta.

Giants 42

49ers +1

This certainly isn't the sexiest game of the weekend, but it might be the most important. Not only is this perhaps the debut game for Jimmy Garoppolo in San Fran, but it's also a game that will benefit the loser a lot more than the winner with both teams clearly nowhere near anything useful save for the No. 1 pick in next year's NFL Draft.

Patriots 46.5

Broncos +7

There's a good chance the Broncos are greater than 7.5-point underdogs for the first time since 1992 in this game against New England.

Monday, November 13


Panthers -10

Jay Cutler is back in the lineup for the Fins, and that's a darn shame. We were really looking forward to watching Matt Moore in primetime against his old team.

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