NFL Week 17 Preview - Packers vs Lions

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
BETCRIS NFL ODDS Packers vs Lions

Why spend hours handicapping sports betting lines when you can read everything you need to know about every game here at BetCris? We're breaking down trends, injuries and more in our Week 17 NFL preview so you can cash your bet!

NFL Week 17 Schedule with Week 17 Betting Lines

Sunday, December 31

Packers 42.5

Lions -7.5

Is this game really going to end up being Jake Rudock against Brett Hundley? Matthew Stafford doesn't look healthy to us, and we don't see any reason why he would be on the field in this meaningless game with the Lions eliminated from playoff contention.


Patriots -16.5

The Pats need to win in Week 17 to lock up the No. 1 seed. Fortunately for them, they've got a wreck of a team coming to Gillette Stadium. There are some really bad starting quarterbacks in the NFL at this point, but Bryce Petty might be the worst of the worst.

Texans 41

Colts -3.5

Never mind. T.J. Yates is the worst of the worst.


Steelers -16.5

On paper, this game should be a whitewash that assures the Browns finish 0-16. Cleveland's chances of winning this game would be slim regardless, but the Steelers have to have this one if they want to have a shot at the No. 1 seed. Of course, they also need the Patriots to lose to the Jets, but the likelihood of that happening are awfully small.

Redskins 40

Giants +3

If you're looking for a remotely intriguing game with no impact on the playoffs in Week 17, this is it. Eli Manning and Kirk Cousins are potentially both playing in their final games with their respective franchises, and that could make this can't miss viewing if the weather holds up on New Year's Eve at MetLife.

Bears 40

Vikings -13.5

The Vikings can't get to the No. 1 seed in the NFC anymore, but they need to take care of business against the Bears to make sure they finish with a first-round bye. There will be plenty of scoreboard watching in Minneapolis, though. If the Panthers lose or the Saints win, Minnesota will have locked up that No. 2 slot regardless of what happens against the Bears.


Eagles OFF

Doug Pederson has already said that he is going to take it easy on his vets in Week 17 with the No. 1 seed locked up in the NFC. The Cowboys have nothing left to play for after losing to the Seahawks, but they don't want to go into the offseason on two straight really bad losses.

Bengals 41

Ravens -10

The Ravens haven't quite wrapped up a playoff spot yet, but they're in good shape. They need either a win, a Buffalo loss or a Tennessee loss, and they'll be in the playoffs. Or, they can just take care of business, put down the Bengals, and book their airline tickets to Kansas City for a Wild Card matchup against the Chiefs.

Bills 42

Dolphins +2.5

The Bills need a lot of help to get into the playoffs still, but at least they're breathing going into Week 17. This is likely the last game of Jay Cutler's career, though, and the Fins would love nothing more than to send Buffalo to the golf course.

Panthers 47

Falcons -3

The biggest game of the day. The Panthers will win the NFC South with a win and a New Orleans loss. The Falcons will clinch a playoff berth with a win or a Seahawks loss. The impact of this one could be felt up and down the NFC playoff picture.

Saints 50

Buccaneers +7.5

The Buccaneers' season can't end soon enough with as badly as things have gone down the stretch. But if nothing else, Jameis Winston is playing with some fire. He isn't going to let Tampa Bay lay down in a game the Saints will need to win the NFC South (unless Carolina loses to Atlanta).


Titans OFF

The Jags have the No. 3 seed in tote already for the playoffs, and that means several vets are probably going to sit this one out. That's music to the ears of the struggling Titans who still somehow control their own destiny to get into the playoffs after losing three straight games.

Raiders 47.5

Chargers -7.5

L.A. is going to look back and really regret all those early-season losses if the Titans end up beating the Jaguars. That would eliminate the Bolts regardless as to what happens on Sunday.

Cardinals 41

Seahawks -10

The Seahawks need a win and an Atlanta loss to backdoor their way into the playoffs. Seattle managed to win in Dallas, but it's a big ask just to get in, let alone to get in and make some noise when the team has zero running game and a decaying defense.

Chiefs 41

Broncos +3

The Broncos moved from +3 to -3.5 in a span of just 15 or so minutes when Week 17 odds were released. That's a big line movement for sure, especially in a game where neither side's quarterback situation is settled. This game could easily be Patrick Mahomes vs. Paxton Lynch.

49ers 43.5

Rams -4

The Rams have won the NFC West, but the difference between finishing No. 3 and No. 4 in the NFC isn't much. We have to imagine that Todd Gurley is going to get some time off in this game against the hottest club in football.

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