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  • Although Saturday’s match may be called a “friendly” the fact remains that Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan are two of the most storied teams in the world that will be taking the pitch at Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Spain.Atletico Madrid is a resurgent club that is one of the top defensive squads that can be found anywhere in the world.   More

  • For Real Madrid any international competition is a time for winning and excellence. Indeed, Real Madrid is among the most famous and glamorous teams in all of soccer based in large part because of their success at international competitions such as the UEFA Champions League,   More

  • Chelsea has been among the many International Champions Cup squads that have had to play second line players due to many of their stars being out on holiday after the World Cup and before the start of the English Premier League season. The Blues have played as sluggish as many would expect under such circumstances.   More

  • When it comes to the combination of glamor and glory few teams can match FC Barcelona as one of the dominant marquee brands in global soccer. Yet if there is a team that can share top billing with FC Barcelona it would be AC Milan. Although AC Milan had fallen beneath its normal winning standards the arrival of new manager Gennaro Gattuso began to change the imitative.   More

  • When it comes to international soccer marquee brands it doesn’t get much better than Real Madrid and Juventus. Beyond that their match on Saturday night epitomizes what is best about the International Champions Cup. Juventus is the standard of Italy’s Serie A with the most titles of any team.   More

  • Although they are often overlooked in comparison to their Ligue 1 rival Paris Saint Germain, the fact remains that Olympique Lyon is one of the top teams in all of Europe and a threat against anyone that they match up with on the pitch. This was certainly borne out in their International Champions Cup opener in which they won a thriller over Benfica.   More

  • Olympique Lyonnais stunned the soccer world at the start of the new century when they dominated France’s Ligue 1 in a manner that was a sight to behold. Lyon won seven consecutive Ligue 1 championships while putting the famed Paris Saint Germain on notice that they would have a legitimate rival.   More

  • If fans of “The Beautiful” game and avid punters could conceive of an event in which they literally could have it all it would be the International Champions Cup. In many ways the ICC is the ultimate soccer fantasy in which the best teams from the best leagues come together to play dream matches all over the world.   More

  • On the positive there is nowhere to go but up for Roma after their disastrous International Champions Cup opening loss against Tottenham Hotspur. On the negative there are serious doubts as to whether Roma can seriously recover and mount a legitimate challenge the rest of the way in the ICC.   More

  • After an impressive win over AC Roma to open International Champions Cup play, Tottenham Hotspur played Barcelona to a draw before going down on penalty kicks in the match that followed. Without star striker Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur has still been able to generate offensive production.   More

  • Monday, July 30th, 2018

    International Champions Cup Betting Odds Manchester United

    By Anonymous For Manchester Untied the International Champions Cup has been an exercise in frustration. So much so in fact that manager Jose Mourinho has complained about many star players being out on extended leave after the World Cup which ended earlier in July and also in anticipation of the upcoming English Premier League season.   More

  • As the most dominant and famous club from the top league in France, Paris Saint Germain always carries high expectations from themselves, fans and punters throughout the world. As expected they were one of the top favorites to win the International Champions Cup.   More

  • Despite having to go with much of their second-string Tottenham Hotspur had the best of their opening match in the International Champions Cup with an impressive 4-1 win over AS Roma. Much of the Tottenham Hotspur roster, including superstar striker Harry Kane,   More

  • While Paris Saint Germain is one of the hottest brands going in France they were humbled in their International Champions Cup opener against Munich. The 3-1 setback certainly got the attention of punters. However, as bad as the opener was the fact remains that Paris SG remains a fully capable squad.   More

  • Manchester City has done much through the years to emerge as an equal with intra-city arch rival Manchester United, at least in terms of recent results if not overall prestige itself on the world stage. However, Man City’s start in the International Champions Cup has not helped them in the eyes of fans and punters.   More

  • Although the International Champions Cup features dream matchups of the best teams in the best leagues all over the globe, it will also offer showdowns of intra-league rivals as well, to give fans and punters the best of both worlds. On Saturday at one of the biggest venues in all of sports such a rivalry will again blossom as Manchester United will face Liverpool.   More

  • With their thrilling shootout win over Borussia Dortmund, Benfica is off to a strong start in the International Champions Cup. And it stands to reason that Benfica would do just that as the most successful pro club from Portugal that has posted 36 league titles in its history.   More

  • The International Champions Cup was made for such matchups as Inter Milan and Chelsea. The entire idea of the ICC was to get the best teams from the best leagues anywhere on earth playing each other in matches throughout the world. In many ways it’s a Super Bowl of soccer with champions playing champions at multiple venues.   More

  • When the idea of the International Champions Cup was conceived it was based on bringing together the most famed clubs form the world’s top leagues into a grand tournament of champions. Wednesday’s matchup between AC Milan and Manchester United fulfills the dream of all soccer fans and punters   More

  • Soccer fans continue to enjoy a large buffet of dream matchups with the continuation of the International Champions Cup and Thursday will maintain the excitement with a match of two more marquee clubs from Europe’s top professional leagues.   More

  • What makes the International Champions Cup so appealing is that the greatest and most historic pro clubs from all of the world’s top leagues meet in one event at venues all over the world. It is an opportunity to compare the various merits of teams and leagues and establish bragging rights.   More

  • Manchester City entered the International Champions Cup as the current champion of the famed English Premier League after winning that title in absolutely dominant fashion. This made Man City among the top tier favorites at the opening of ICC play.   More

  • Borussia Dortmund is well established as one of the most successful teams in German pro history and a top rival of powerful Bayern Munich. Benfica is far and away the most successful Portuguese team of all time and has a history of success that dates back to when they won the first European Cup in   More

  • On Saturday Bayern Munich reminded everyone why they the greatest German pro club and among the top tier favorites to win the International Champions Cup. With a 3-1 win over two-time ICC winner Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich served notice to all about their powerful capability and overall depth. But   More

  • Without question the main attraction of the International Champions Cup is the fact that the greatest, most historic, and ultimate marquee professional clubs from throughout the world will take part in the event. Among those elite teams is Liverpool Football Club, which has existed for 126 years. Liverpool finished fourth out of 20 in the Premier League last season and has a total of 18 League titles.   More

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