UEFA World Cup Qualifying Update

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

By Andrew Ryan
BETCRIS UEFA World Cup Qualifying Update

Qualifying for the 2018 World Cup is firmly underway in UEFA, and it's only a matter of time until teams start joining Russia as members of the greatest soccer tournament in the world. Check out what it looks like right now in each of the groups on the eve of the next round of fixtures on March 25.

Group A

France – 10 Points

Netherlands – 7 Points

Sweden – 7 Points

Bulgaria – 6 Points

Belarus – 2 Points

Luxembourg – 1 Point

France has already finished its toughest match in Holland and walked out with a win, and we can't imagine anyone else topping Group A as a result. The real clash is going to be between Sweden and the Netherlands, and these two teams will meet in the last of the fixtures in Group A on October 10 for what could be a spot in the qualifying playoff.

Group B

Switzerland – 12 Points

Portugal – 9 Points

Hungary – 7 Points

Faroe Islands – 4 Points

Latvia – 3 Points

Andorra – 0 Points

Group B

is fairly cut and dry. Switzerland and Portugal shouldn't really slip along the way again, and that will put pressure on the La Seleccao to beat the Swiss at home to win Group B and avoid a playoff date with another second place finisher.

Group C

Germany – 12 Points

Northern Ireland – 7 Points

Azerbaijan – 7 Points

Czech Republic – 5 Points

Norway – 3 Points

San Marino – 0 Points

No one is catching Germany, a team that is 4-0-0 and has outscored teams 16-0 in qualifying. The Czechs and Norwegians have been bitterly disappointing, and that leaves the door open for Northern Ireland to perhaps sneak into the playoff.

Group D

Ireland – 10 Points

Serbia – 8 Points

Wales – 6 Points

Austria – 4 Points

Georgia – 2 Points

Moldova – 1 Point

It would take a brave man to handicap this group right now. All three of Ireland, Serbia and Wales are going to try to stake claims to World Cup bids, but just one will get the automatic bid.

Group E

Poland – 10 Points

Montenegro – 7 Points

Denmark – 6 Points

Romania – 5 Points

Armenia – 3 Points

Kazakhstan – 2 Points

Poland has been given a bit of a gift here. The team drew a very easy Group E and should be on to the World Cup from here. The Montenegro/Denmark/Romania survivor for second place could be a candidate to miss out on the playoff.

Group F

England – 10 PointsSlovenia – 8 PointsSlovakia – 6 PointsLithuania – 5 PointsScotland – 4 PointsMalta – 0 Points

England will coast in Group F for sure even though it drew at Slovenia. The Slovenians and Slovaks will very likely be battling for second place, and that team will still be facing an uphill battle in all likelihood to get into the World Cup, knowing that there will be far better second place finishers out there.

Group G

Spain – 10 PointsItaly – 10 PointsIsrael – 9 PointsAlbania – 6 PointsMacedonia – 0 PointsLiechtenstein – 0 Point

Let's face reality here. There are only two fixtures that matter in Group G. Spain and Italy won't do much tripping up against the rest of this group, if any at all. Spain has already picked up a vital 1-1 draw on Italian soil, and a win in the return leg on September 2 will surely send La Roja back to the World Cup and force Italy into the playoff against the other second place teams.

Group H

Belgium – 12 Points

Greece – 10 Points

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 7 Points

Cyprus – 3 Points

Estonia – 3 Points

Gibraltar – 0 Points

Bosnia and Greece figured to battle it out for the second place spot behind Belgium in Group H, and these two figure to flip spots eventually. Greece has yet to play against Belgium for the first time, while Bosnia has already been taken behind the shed in a 4-0 loss in Brussels.

Group I

Croatia – 10 Points

Ukraine – 8 Points

Iceland – 7 Points

Turkey – 5 Points

Finland – 1 Point

Kosovo – 1 Point

Croatia, Ukraine and Iceland are all very evenly matched here, while Turkey feels like it's lost its opportunities already with a home draw with Ukraine and an away loss to Iceland. The Croats have only allowed one goal in four group stage matches.

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