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Entertainment Betting Odds

Events in the entertainment world offer a wide variety of betting options, including beauty pageants, awards such as the Oscars, Grammys or Gloden Globes, and much more. Bets on entertainment allow bettors to choose their favorite artists or contestants and earn some money when they succeed in their programs or contests. Special and novel bets are gaining ground in sportsbooks and reality television is one of the biggest markets in this industry. Big Brother, with its multiple betting options during the twelve weeks that the program remains on the air, opened an all new world for Betcris.coms.

The polularity of the many television reality shows that have been created since then, many of which now include celebrities, made it possible for sportsbooks to maintain a steady stream of lines and betting options for major Hollywood events, such as awards season, movie premieres, box office collections, or for shows like American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

Betcris offers a wide selection of lines to bet on events related to entertainment and television. It does not matter if your passion is the world of sports betting, entertainment events can be a great source of profit and fun for any kind of gambler. Bet on the premieres of the biggest movies of the year and on television programs of all kinds, taking advantage of the excellent opportunities that our entertainment betting section offers you.


The box office totals of the great cinematographic productions is a great favorite for casual gamblers, as well as reality television programs and even political elections from all parts of the world. Betcris offers more than just sports betting and horse racing, our selection of betting lines includes all aspects of global culture. Basically, if it is an important event, you can be sure that we will have lines to bet on the outcome.

There's nothing better than enjoying all your favorite TV shows, and at the same time knowing that you're making money by betting on the results with Betcris. Think only about how exciting it is to see your favorite actor or actress winning an Oscar, or your favorite contestant wearing the Miss Universe crown, and now add the satisfaction of knowing that you are also receiving some money for the bets you made by predicting that result.

Join Betcris and enjoy the best betting lines on your favorite TV shows and betting options on all the major events in the entertainment world.

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