MLB Home Run Derby Betting Odds and Live Lines

Home Run Derby Betting Odds 2020 Home Run Derby Odds - The 2018 T-Mobile Home Run Derby takes place on Monday, July 16 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C and will be shown on ESPN. A total of eight players will compete in the contest in a bracket style format. The left side of the bracket will have Jesus Aguilar of the Brewers taking on Rhys Hoskin of the Phillies and Alex Bregman of the Astros facing Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs. The right side of the bracket has Bryce Harper of the Nationals taking on Freddie Freeman of the Braves and Max Muncy of the Dodgers facing Javier Baez of the Cubs. The winners will advance to the semifinals and then the semifinal winners will meet in the final.

2018 Home Run Derby First Round Matchups

1. Jesus Aguilar, Brewers vs. 8. Rhys Hoskins, Phillies

4. Alex Bregman, Astros vs. 5. Kyle Schwarber, Cubs

2. Bryce Harper, Nationals vs. 7 Freddie Freeman, Braves

3. Max Muncy, Dodgers vs. 6. Javier Baez, Cubs

The seeds for the players in the brackets were determined based on 2019 home run totals. Aguilar is the top seed and one of the favorites to win the contest. He has 23 home runs to lead the National League. "They asked me if I want to do it and it was like, 'Let's do it. Let's be part of the big moment and the big show.'" Aguilar said to the media. "I just agreed. We're going to have fun with my little kid up there and those superstars behind me. So let's do it. Why not?"

The hometown favorite is Harper and he is going to get a lot of action in Home Run Derby odds. He has hit a total of 22 home runs this season. "I think doing it is going to be a lot of fun," Harper said to the media. "I was able to participate in New York the first time and it was a lot of fun. If I win, I win. If I don't, it's part of it. I'm just excited to hopefully share that day with my dad [who plans to again throw to Harper at the Derby]." Harper is the only participant with previous experience in the Home Run Derby, as he lost the final in 2013.

Muncy is the third seed and he has been one of the biggest surprises this season. "It's going to be a heck of an experience," Muncy said. "Be the first time I'll be on a stage like that. Not sure what to expect, but I'm going to have fun with it. I'm sure once I get there, there will be a ton of nerves."

Bregman is a surprising fourth seed, as he was not really known as a home run hitter until this season.  Schwarber is the fifth seed and he is known for some mammoth shots. Baez is a free swinger who should be perfect for the Home Run Derby. Freeman has 16 home runs this season, but he is really not thought of as a home run hitter. Hoskins started his career last August with 18 home runs in his first 35 games and is known for his power.

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Home Run Derby Format

The format is single-elimination with the loser of each matchup eliminated, while the winner goes on. There are four minutes per batter, per round. Batters get 30 seconds of bonus time for two home runs that exceed 440 feet.

List of Home Run Derby Champions

2017 - Aaron Judge

2016 - Giancarlo Stanton

2015 - Todd Frazier

2014 - Yoenis Cespedes

2013 - Yoenis Cespedes

2012 - Prince Fielder

2011 - Robinson Cano

2010 - David Ortiz

2009 - Prince Fielder

2008 - Justin Morneau

2007 - Vladimir Guerrero

2006 - Ryan Howard

2005 - Bobby Abreu

2004 - Miguel Tejada

2003 - Garret Anderson

2002 - Jason Giambi

2001 - Luis Gonzalez

2000 - Sammy Sosa

1999 - Ken Griffey Jr.

1998 - Ken Griffey Jr.

1997 - Tino Martinez

1996 - Barry Bonds

1995 - Frank Thomas

1994 - Ken Griffey Jr.

1993 - Juan Gonzalez

1992 - Mark McGwire

1991 - Cal Ripken Jr.

1990 - Ryne Sandberg

1989 - Eric Davis

1988 - Rained Out

1987 - Andre Dawson

1986 - Wally Joyner & Darryl Strawberry

1985 - Dave Parker

Most Home Runs in a Single Round

28 - Josh Hamilton 2008, 1st Round

24 - Giancarlo Stanton 2016, 1st Round

24 - Bobby Abreu 2005, 1st Round

20 - Giancarlo Stanton 2016, Final Round

17 - Giancarlo Stanton 2016, Semifinal Round

17 - Yoenis Cespedes 2013, 1st Round

17 - David Ortiz 2005, 1st Round

Most Home Runs in a Single Home Run Derby

61 - Giancarlo Stanton 2016

42 - Todd Frazier 2016

41 - Bobby Abreu 2005

39 - Joc Pederson 2015

39 - Todd Frazier 2015

35 - Josh Hamilton 2008

Most All-Time Home Runs in Home Run Derby

91 - Todd Frazier

81 - Prince Fielder

77 - David Ortiz

71 - Albert Pujols

70 - Ken Griffey Jr.

67 - Jason Giambi

67 - Giancarlo Stanton

65 - Sammy Sosa

60 - Yoenis Cespedes

56 - Mark McGwire

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