Bet on Boxing Betting Odds - Sports Betting and Boxing Events

Bet on boxingGet the best Betting lines, Betcris offers Boxing betting odds on major boxing weight divisions: WBC, WBA, WBO.

Bet on Boxing Betting Odds - Sports Betting and Boxing Events

Straight money line betting as well as proposition bets on whether the fight, will go to a certain amount of rounds as predetermined on the day of the fight. Betting on Boxing until the sound of the bell for the first round.

Boxing Categories

WBC- World Boxing Council Betting: The WBC has the most prestigious title in professional Boxing across all weight classes. Famous boxers crowned WBC Champions include: Muhammad Ali, Salvador Sanchez, Felix Trinidad, Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis.

WBA - World Boxing Association Betting: is the oldest world Boxing body and the second most important title.

WBO - World Boxing Organisation Betting: It is the youngest and least prestigious of Boxing’s top four sanctioning bodies. WBO Champions include: Oscar De La Hoya, Vitali Klitschko, Marco Antonio Barrera and more.

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Bet on boxing betting odds

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