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Hockey Betting Odds

Betting on hockey offers a number of options such as money lines, puck lines and totals. Like most major sports you will also find various propositions and futures to bet on as well. The sport is mostly popular in areas where the cold prevails. Also known as Ice Hockey, it can be played indoors or outdoors as long as the temperatures are cold enough. It would be fair to say that hockey is not the most popular sport among the North American fans when compared to Football, Baseball and Basketball. Nonetheless hockey has a diehard fan base of its own.

The hockey season for the NHL begins in early October and ends in early April. The winner at the end of the season gets to take home the famous Stanley Cup. In other leagues around the world the schedules vary and you can find a hockey match almost year round. A typical hockey game consists of 3 periods as opposed to halves and quarters. When betting on the games you can select between the full game and or each period among other options. Propositions include variations on the puck line and the total and something called the Grand Salami which refers to the total of all games from that day.

These days one of the most popular ways to bet on hockey is with Live Betting. This means you can bet on the game while actually watching the game play out. It is possible for the score to change in a flash when teams are in a power play. A bettor would be wise to do his or her due diligence before placing bets on hockey. Some teams will play better at home as others prevail on the road. Also, a good goalie could mean the difference between winning and losing since they are the last line of defense.

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Live Lines

  • Time
  • Teams
  • Spread
  • Total
  • Odds
  • Mar 23

    7:05 PM

    • 79
    • Calgary Flames
    • -1½+151
    • o6-120
    • -180
    • 80
    • Vancouver Canucks
    • +1½-175
    • u6+100
    • +155
  • Mar 23

    7:05 PM

    • 81
    • Detroit Red Wings
    • +1½+120
    • o6-110
    • +341
    • 82
    • Vegas Golden Knights
    • -1½-140
    • u6-110
    • -435
  • Mar 23

    7:35 PM

    • 83
    • Anaheim Ducks
    • +1½-245
    • o5½+120
    • +105
    • 84
    • Los Angeles Kings
    • -1½+203
    • u5½-140
    • -125


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