NHL Hockey Betting Odds

NHL Betting OddsThe NHL regular season starts October and ends in April. During the season the 30 team league will hit the ice 82 times. The goal in the end is to secure what is known as the “oldest existing trophy” in sports, the Stanley Cup. The first time the Stanley Cup was awarded was in 1893 and each year it is passed on to the winning franchise.

The cup is currently in the hands of the Pittsburgh Penguins who have won it twice in recent years. Other notable recent winners include the Boston Bruins, L.A. Kings and Chicago Blackhawks. The most recent franchise to join the NHL is the Vegas Golden Knights who started the 2017-18 season with something to prove. Although the NHL is not at the top of the list when it comes to major North American sports the NHL post season tends to generate more bettors.

Once the regular season has ended the playoffs gets underway with the top 16 teams in the league. The NHL Playoffs are where the game is stepped up a notch. With the Stanley Cup in site teams will work their way through the playoff tree hoping to reach the NHL Finals and a chance at the prize. The format currently entails 4 rounds of 7 games with the first with 4 wins will advance. This is the point where a bettor can cash in big.

History has taught us that nothing is guaranteed but in the NHL playoffs it can be somewhat predictable. Since 1914 there have been 99 Stanley Cup winners and the Montreal Canadiens have taken it 24 times. In recent years the Chicago Blackhawks have been the team to beat.


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