2019 March Madness Betting Odds

March Madness Betting OddsBetting on the NCAA Tournament without a doubt provides some of the most intense moments in sports. During March Madness the objective is to narrow down a field of 68 teams until just 2 are left standing for the National Championship game on April 8th. The entire process takes place over the course of 3 weeks and losing teams will end up watching the rest of the tournament from home. Every now and then the playbook goes out the window and a Cinderella Story is born. It’s anyone’s tournament once the opening whistle blows.

The 2019 NCAA Tournament begins with Selection Sunday on March 17th and the First Four games are on Tuesday, March 19th. Follow the tournament and get involved by filling out your brackets at Betcris. See how your teams fare as they grind their way through the Sweet 16, Elite 8 Final 4 and the 2019 National Championship game. Betcris will be there for every game with live betting as the action unfolds.


Odds to Win 2019 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament

Odds to Win 2019 Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament
Auburn +3033 Duke +321 Florida State +2700
Gonzaga +441 Houston +2700 Kentucky +1458
LSU +5500 Michigan +1711 Michigan State +1450
North Carolina +672 Oregon +3340 Purdue +1650
Tennessee +1600 Texas Tech +1964 Virginia +416
  Virginia Tech +2700  

With around 3 weeks left until March Madness the field of ranked teams that will be participating in the NCAA Tournament is starting to look clearer. With a “win” here and a “loss” there the top positions tend to get shuffled around like a deck of cards. Virginia is currently in the top spot for the first time in 35 years with a record of 24-2. Other teams that are stirring up dust in the top 10 spots are North Carolina, Kansas and Duke. Back to back losses by both Cincinnati and Ohio State have moved them out of top spots allowing room for recognition of less likely clubs. Any prediction on an NCAA tournament winner at this point would be pure speculation since we’ve all seen how injuries or personal issues can affect the outcome of any given game.

The focus is not always on the teams as the individual players also make a huge impact during the tournament. A good example is Oklahoma’s Trae Young who is averaging 29 points and 9.2 assists per game. With the right set of circumstances Young and the Sooners could create a stunning outcome in the tournament.

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