2019 Sweet Sixteen Betting Odds

Sweet Sixteen Betting OddsDuring March Madness the field of contenders vying for the NCAA Championship starts with 68 teams. The field is quickly narrowed down as losing teams are eliminated one by one. When only 16 teams remain is when the tournament gets it second wind. Also known as the Sweet 16 the final survivors gain recognition for having reached such an eluding plateau in the tournament. From this point onward the stakes are higher and the wins mean so much more for each advancing team. Just making it to the Sweet 16 for a top ranked team is an achievement.

Whenever a well-oiled club that was expected to be eliminated in the early rounds makes it to the Sweet 16 they are considered a “Cinderella Story”. A Cinderella team given all the right circumstances could go on to become an unlikely champion. One example of team clawing their way up the ladder against all odds is George Mason in 2006. George Mason not only made it to the Sweet 16 but went a few steps farther by beating the No.1 seed in the Elite 8 but losing in the Final 4. They had every chance of taking home a champions ship that year but not every story has a happy ending.

In a perfect world the bracket selections we make on March 17th will fall into place like pieces of a puzzle. Unfortunately this particular puzzle has a tendency to change and reshape itself as the tournament unfolds.  What may make sense today may not appear the same tomorrow if a top contender is eliminated early on. There are also obvious favorites to win it all as betting lines tend to lean towards teams that have danced the dance successfully in the past. Dating back to as early as 1939 the UCLA Bruins leads the field with 11 tournament wins. The Kentucky Wildcats are in 2nd place with 8 wins while the North Carolina Tar Heels sit in 3rd with 6.


No matter what happens during March Madness and the NCAA tournament there will be a Sweet 16. What is unknown is if your selections on the 2019 March Madness Brackett will be a part of it.  One way to improve your odds is to submit more than one bracket and cover all the angles. Follow along as each game is usually broadcast live or streamed live online.  Betcris will offer money lines, spreads and totals for each game as well as the option to bet on the games as they are in play with Live Betting. Get in on the games and the hundreds of propositions and futures available throughout the Tournament.

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