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2019 NCAA College Basketball Betting Odds | Bet NCAAB

The NCAA formation took place in 1939. NCAA College Basketball is competitive basketball played between teams of students from universities across North America. March Madness or the Big Dance has become one of the most famous annual sporting events in the United States. There are numerous awards and prizes given by companies for anyone who can make the perfect bracket. One of the largest was done by a partnership between Quicken Loans and Berkshire Hathaway, which was backed by Warren Buffett, with a $1 billion prize to any person who could correctly predict the outcome of the 2014 tournament, however, no one was able to complete the challenge and win the $1 billion prize. There are 68 teams which make up the NCAA league. The current champion is Villanova this is their 3rd title, while the team to have won the most championship titles is UCLA, having won 11 titles. Who will be your winning pick this season?

Past NCAA Men's Division I Basketball champions;

  • 2010 - Duke
  • 2011 - Connecticut
  • 2012 - Kentucky
  • 2013 - Louisville
  • 2014 - Connecticut
  • 2015 - Duke
  • 2016 - Villanova
  • 2017 - North Carolina
  • 2018 - Villanova

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