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The National Hockey League is widely considered to be the premier professional ice hockey league in the world, and is one of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada. Find odds for all your favorite NHL games.

The Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in North America, is awarded annually to the league playoff champion at the end of each season. The 2019 Stanley Cup was won by St. Louis Blues, this was the first championship. The 103rd season of the NHL (National Hockey League) will be played by thirty teams who will compete in 82 regular-season games, taking place on October 2nd, 2019 through June 2020.

The 2020 NHL Winter Classic or the tenth Winter Classic, will take place at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas, January 1st, 2020. So, the countdown begins with Stanley Cup odds for 2020, who is your favorite? Start winning by betting on NHL today!

Odds to Win the Stanley Cup

NHL 2020 - Team to win the Stanley Cup
Anaheim Ducks +17500 Arizona Coyotes +4000 Boston Bruins +953
Buffalo Sabres +10000 Calgary Flames +2009 Carolina Hurricanes +2009
Chicago Blackhawks +3527 Colorado Avalanche +1403 Columbus Blue Jackets +15000
Dallas Stars +1608 Detroit Red Wings +20000 Edmonton Oilers +7500
Florida Panthers +2009 Los Angeles Kings +25000 Minnesota Wild +7500
Montreal Canadiens +6000 Nashville Predators +1403 New Jersey Devils +3019
New York Islanders +2614 New York Rangers +4500 Ottawa Senators +30000
Philadelphia Flyers +4000 Pittsburgh Penguins +2614 San Jose Sharks +2819
St. Louis Blues +1403 Tampa Bay Lightning +675 Toronto Maple Leafs +939
Vancouver Canucks +3019 Vegas Golden Knights +853 Washington Capitals +2009
Winnipeg Jets +2211

Games played with curved sticks and a ball can be found in the histories of many cultures. In Egypt, 4000-year-old carvings feature teams with sticks and a projectile, hurling dates to before 1272 BC in Ireland, and on ... In the 19th century, Ice hockey evolved as a derivative of field hockey adapted to the icy conditions of Canada and the northern United States.

There are main forms and variations of hockey such as; Air hockey, Beach hockey, Ball hockey, Bandy, Box Hockey, Broomball, Deck hockey, Floor hockey, Floorball, Foot hockey, Gym Hockey, Hurling and Camogie, Indoor field hockey, Mini hockey, Nok Hockey, Power Hockey, Rinkball, Rossall hockey, Shinny, Skater hockey, Spongee, Table hockey, Underwater hockey, and Unicycle hockey.

Even though there are many ways to enjoy hockey, ice hockey has always been favorite in many countries. Betcris offers hockey betting odds for all hockey leagues worldwide and hockey tournaments. It isn't only about the rubber puck, the sharp skates, or the hockey fights, it is the speed and roughness of the game and with Betcris, you can live it from the comfort of your home when betting online on all your favorite hockey tournaments; the IIHF World Championship, Winter Olympics, Hockey World Cup, Hockey Champions Challenge, Winter Classic, Pro League and more ...

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