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Don't miss the BEST of the Campeonato Brasiliense. The Brazilian Campeonato Brasiliense is also known as the Campeonato Metropolitano de Brasília or the Campeonato Candango, the league counts with a total of 12 teams. The 2019 defending champion is Gama with runner up; Brasiliense, who would be your winning pick today? Here is a list of the teams and their last divisional positions, to help you make a smart bet.

Campeonato Brasiliense 2020 members

Campeonato Brasiliense Teams
Brasiliense / Home city: Taguatinga / 2019 season: 2nd in 1st Division
Capital CF / Home city: Brasília / 2019 season: 7th in 1st Division
Ceilândia / Home city: Ceilândia / 2019 season: 9th in 1st Division
Ceilandense / Home city: Ceilândia / 2019 season: 2nd in 2nd Division
Formosa / Home city: Formosa, GO / 2019 season: 8th in 1st Division
Gama / Home city: Gama / 2019 season: 1st in 1st Division
Luziânia / Home city: Luziânia, GO / 2019 season: 5th in 1st Division
Real F.C. / Home city: Núcleo Bandeirante / 2019 season: 4th in 1st Division
Sobradinho / Home city: Sobradinho / 2019 season: 6th in 1st Division
Taguatinga / Home city: Taguatinga / 2019 season: 10th in 1st Division
Unaí / Home city: Unaí / 2019 season: 3rd in 1st Division

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