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Brazilian Soccer: Brazil Campeonato Cearense Odds

Bet Brazil Campeonato Cearense Odds

The Campeonato Cearense is the soccer league of the state of Ceará in Brazil, where 12 teams compete to win the league domestic cup; the Copa do Brasil. The current champion is Fortaleza, this is their 42nd title, however, it is Ceará SC who is the most successful team, winning 45 league titles. Bet on your favorite this season and start to win.

Brazil Campeonato Cearense Champions;

    2010 - Fortaleza 2011 - Ceará 2012 - Ceará 2013 - Ceará 2014 - Ceará 2015 - Fortaleza 2016 - Fortaleza 2017 - Ceará 2018 - Ceará 2019 - Fortaleza

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    Brazil Campeonato Cearense
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