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Will Liverpool Win the Premier League 2019 - 2020
Will Manchester City Win the Premier League 2019 - 2020
Barclays Premier League Football Betting Odds

The Barclays Premier League or the English Premier League (EPL) is an English professional league for men's association football clubs. The seasons run from August thru May, with teams playing 38 games each, totaling 380 games in the complete season. The current champions are Manchester City, this is their 3rd title, however, the team to have won the most championships is Manchester United with 13 titles, followed by Chelsea with 5, Arsenal and Manchester City with 3 titles and Blackburn Rovers both holding 1 title. The Premier League has the highest revenue of any football league in the world, with a total club revenue of €2.479 billion in 2009-2010. Which will be your winning picks this season?

Past Premier League champions;

  • 2010-11: Manchester United
  • 2011-12: Manchester City
  • 2012-13: Manchester United
  • 2013–14: Manchester City
  • 2014–15: Chelsea
  • 2015–16: Leicester City
  • 2016–17: Chelsea
  • 2017–18: Manchester City

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