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AL-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League Odds

Enjoy the BEST of the Jordanian Pro League. The AL-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League is the professional football league for Jordan. There are twelve competing teams that make up the league.

The domestic cups are the Jordan FA Cup, the Jordan FA Shield, and the Jordan Super Cup, while the international cups are the AFC Champions League and the AFC Cup. The current champion is Al-Faisaly (2018/19), this is their 34th title, making them the team to have won the most championships. Which will be your winning pick today? Start playing to start winning.

Past Jordanian Pro League winners;

  • 2009/10: Al-Faisaly (Amman)
  • 2010/11: Al-Wehdat
  • 2011/12: Al-Faisaly (Amman)
  • 2012/13: Shabab Al-Ordon
  • 2013/14: Al-Wehdat
  • 2014/15: Al-Wehdat
  • 2015/16: Al-Wehdat
  • 2016/17: Al-Faisaly
  • 2017/18: Al-Wehdat
  • 2018/19: Al-Faisaly

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AL-Manaseer Jordanian Pro League
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