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Bet La Liga Santander Odds | Spanish Football Betting

La Liga Santander is the top professional association football division of the Spanish football league system. La Liga is the strongest league in Europe and has been over the past five years, this according to UEFA's league coefficient.

Formed by 20 teams, Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated the championship. The team with the most championships won is Real Madrid currently holding 33 titles and while Barcelona has won 25 times. The top teams in La Liga qualify for the UEFA Champions League. The most expensive transfer has been Brazilian forward Neymar who was bought by Paris Saint-Germain for €222m (via his 'buyout clause') from Barcelona. Who will be this season's Liga champion?

Past Spanish Liga champions;

  • 2009–10: Barcelona
  • 2010–11: Barcelona
  • 2011–12: Real Madrid
  • 2012–13: Barcelona
  • 2013–14: Atlético Madrid
  • 2014–15: Barcelona
  • 2015–16: Barcelona
  • 2016–17: Real Madrid
  • 2017–18: Barcelona

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