What is the Loyalty Program?

Loyalty Program is a BETCRIS program that rewards our customers, generating additional earnings that will be reflected based on their current loyalty level odds, on each bet they make.

Because of our reduced juice odds, if you risk the same money at BETCRIS, you’ll normally risk at other sportsbooks, you’ll win more in return with us every single time! Straight wagers and parlays as well.

Additional earnings, where do I see them reflected?

The additional earnings are reflected instantly each time a bet is graded as winner, this happens automatically within our system and you’re not required to request, redeem or ask for them, on top of that… there are no rollovers or further restrictions involved on your additional winnings.

What is reduced juice?

The juice is what we call the house commission and it is the cost of making a bet. By having reduced juice odds, we are dropping that cost to the players for every bet placed, thereby boosting your winnings on each straight wager and parlay.

How do I become part of the loyalty program?

You become a part of the Loyalty Program by having an active BETCRIS account.

Is there any cost to enter the loyalty program?

There is no cost to enter the Loyalty Program.

How do I upgrade? How do I raise my Loyalty level?

Once the account is created, you start at the Classic Level. There are 2 ways to level up, accumulating BetPoints ™ or making a full deposit (not fractioned or accumulated).

How do I raise my Loyalty level by accumulating BetPoints ™?

Each level is achieved by accumulating a minimum amount of BetPoints ™ as follows:

  • • Classic Level 0-499 BetPoints™
  • • Bronze Level 500-24,999 BetPoints™
  • • Silver Level 25,000-64,999 BetPoints™
  • • Gold Level 65,000 or more BetPoints™

How are BetPoints ™ accumulated?

BetPoints ™ are accumulated on all bets placed.

Type of Bet BetPoints ™ per dollar
All bets 1 USD= 1 BetPoints ™
Parlay 1 USD= 2 BetPoints ™
Parlay +4 1 USD= 3 BetPoints ™

How do I raise my Loyalty level by making a deposit?

By making a full deposit (not fractioned or accumulated) for the amount established in each level, the customer can enjoy the benefits of the level reached for a period of 30 calendar days.

Can I lose my Loyalty level?

Yes, under 2 circumstances:

After 30 calendar days of having made a deposit to access a certain loyalty level, the customer’s level will be adjusted to the Loyalty Level his current BetPoints™ balance reflects. Alternatively, the customer can make another deposit to reach, or go back to the desired level for another 30 days.

After 30 days of betting inactivity, the BetPoints ™ will be subtracted and customers can go levels down.

What is inactivity?

Inactivity is the time that the customer passes without making a bet and will be taken into account from the last bet that has been made (calendar days). If after making the last bet you do not play again for some time, BetPoints ™ will be subtracted gradually:

  • 30 days of inactivity will result in a loss of 5% of your BetPoints™
  • 60 days of inactivity will result in a loss of 10% of your BetPoints™
  • 90 days of inactivity will result in a loss of 15% of your BetPoints™
  • From 120 days on, you will lose 15% of your BetPoints ™ daily.

Where can I see my BetPoints ™ and my Loyalty level?

When you log in to your account, by clicking on the level indicator located next to the user name in the upper right side, BetPoints ™ detail and loyalty level will be displayed in a pop-up window.

How often are my BetPoints ™ updated?

They are updated automatically every day at 12:00 a.m. (CST)

For which countries does the Loyalty Program apply?

The Loyalty Program applies to all countries with a betcris.com active account.

Can I be removed from the Loyalty Program?

Yes, BETCRIS reserves the right to decide whether or not a user is eligible to participate in the Loyalty Program, as well as to remove and / or suspend any client if necessary. Including but not limited to players that management has deemed as non-recreational.

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