Terms and Conditions

1. To be part of the loyalty program, you must be an active client * at betcris.com

2. There are two ways to move levels up (Classic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold).

  • a) Accumulate the amount of BetPoints ™ established on each level.

  • b) Make a single deposit for the full amount specified in each of the levels.

  • BetPoints™
  • Deposit
    $0-499 USD
  • BetPoints™
  • Deposit
    $500 USD
  • BetPoints™
  • Deposit
    $2500 USD
  • BetPonits™
  • Deposit
    $5000 USD
*Single deposit.

3. Baseball moneylines betting earn BetPoints™; however they don´t have reduce juice since those are the best odds on the market and the benefit is present for all our customers.

4. Horse betting does not earn BetPoints™; however, horse betting does receive a daily CASH REBATE up to 8% win-or-lose, which is our special loyalty program for BETCRIS horse bettors.

5. Live Betting will earn BetPoints™, but the reduced juice will not be present.

6. You will accumulate BetPoints ™ for each bet you make, the more you play, the more BetPoints you will earn.

7. 1 (one) BetPoints ™ equals $1 USD in betting volume or its equivalent to the exchange rate of the local currency.

8. If you want to move up to the next level by making a deposit, the deposit must be the total amount indicated in each level (Bronze $500 USD, Silver $2500 USD, Gold $5000 USD), it cannot be divided or accumulated. This deposit will NOT accumulate BetPoints ™ (the BetPoints ™ accumulation will happen when you place a bet) and the deposit will have the condition of 1 time rollover before requesting a withdrawal.

9. When you move a level up by making a deposit, you will be enjoying the benefit for a period of 30 calendar days only. Once 30 days has passed you will go back to your level of origin prior to your deposit. If you wish to remain at the higher level you can make another deposit for the amount established at the level you wish to reach.

10. Inactivity: If after making your last bet you do not play for a period of time, you will start losing BetPoints ™ to the point where you can go levels back. For a period of 30 days of inactivity you will lose 5% of your BetPoints ™, 60 days of inactivity you will lose 10% of your BetPoints ™, 90 days of inactivity you will lose 15% of your BetPoints ™, from 120 days forward you will lose 15% of your BetPoints ™ daily Note: inactivity will be taken into account from the last bet you made (calendar days).

11. All bets will accumulate 1 (one) BetPoints ™ with the exception of parlays.

Type of Bet BetPoints ™ per dollar
All bets 1 USD= 1 BetPoints ™
Parlay 1 USD= 2 BetPoints ™
Parlay +4 1 USD= 3 BetPoints ™

12. BETCRIS reserves the right to decide whether or not a user is eligible to participate in the loyalty program, as well as remove and / or suspend any client if necessary.

13. Promotion not available for Venezuelan clients.

* An active client is one with betting activity in his account for a period of 30 days.

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