• rollover
  • What´s a Rollover?

    It´s a requirement applied to a promotion that you need to complete before requesting a payout in your account.

  • How do I complete my Rollover?

    • 1. Deposit amount.

    • 2. Free play amount.*

    • 3. Your Rollover multiplier.*

  • Rollover Rollover
  • Rollover
  • Which wagers are taking in consideration towards my rollover?

    Every sport wager counts, the exceptions are casino and racebook wagers.

  • How do I know that I´ve completed my rollover requirement?

    Now in our online cashier you´ll find the new rollover calculator that will show you how far away you are from completing your requirement.

  • Rollover
  • How does the calculator work?

    • When a bet is graded as a "Win" or "Push": Only the lower amount between the risk and the win counts towards the rollover.
    • When a bet is graded as a "Lose": Only the risk amount will count towards the rollover.
    • No bet/no action won't count towards the rollover.
    • If each of your account's avaible balance, freeplay balance and the balance at risk drops to $5 USD or less the calculator will zero out the previous rollovers to be completed, considering them met.
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