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Betcris.com is a company that offers online sports betting, casino games and other games using real money. This document defines the Terms and Conditions that apply to all monies and wagers accepted by us at eu. Betcris.com (the "Website") and on any website powered by Betcris.com.

It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of the terms upon which your payments are accepted. Irrespective of this, the onus is still on the customer to keep abreast of any changes. We consider these terms to be fair. Should you need any advice regarding these or any other part of our service, please contact us in the interests of both our customers and Betcris.com; please note that all telephone calls are recorded on security tapes.

All materials contained or distributed in this website (the "Materials") are either owned by or licensed to Betcris.com. Betcris.com and licensors retain all rights to the Materials, including, but not limited to all odds, lines, content, images, copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights, however denominated.

Except for downloading one copy of the Materials on any single computer for your personal, non-commercial, home use, you must not reproduce, prepare derivative works based upon, distribute, perform or display the Materials without first obtaining the written permission of Betcris.com.

Materials must not be used in any unauthorized manner.


General Conditions

Prevailing Language

The Betcris.com Terms and Conditions as published on this website, use Spanish as the prevailing language. Translations into other languages are made as a service and are made in good faith. However, in the event of ambiguity between the Spanish version and a translation, the Spanish version has priority over any translation.

About Betcris.com

Betcris.com is a brand managed by TV Global Enterprises Ltd. a Maltese Registered company whose address is Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta’ Xbiex XBX1011, Malta. The company number is C44378.

Maltese Law

Maltese law applies to these Terms and Conditions.

Account Activation

Upon successful application all customers will receive an email to the registered email address for account activation. All accounts must be activated through this email. If this is not completed, Betcris.com reserves the right to suspend all activities on the account until the account details are verified. It is not possible to participate in any manner in the services and products offered by Betcris.com if the customers do not have an active and valid account.

Account Suspension

Betcris.com holds the right to suspend an account without previous notice and at any moment under its sole discretion. Upon suspension a customer must contact the Customer Service Department in order to determine the reasons of the suspension.

Account Termination

The customers have the right to close their account at any time. To do so, they must contact the Customer Service Department and request it. If there are funds available in the account, these will be transferred to the Customer via the best possible way; any commissions raised by this transaction should be covered by the Customer. In the event that the customer might want to come back to Betcris.com, this same account will be re activated. A customer can only have one account. Betcris.com can also terminate an account at any moment without previous notice and / or justification at its sole discretion.

Account Ownership

An account belongs to the person that opened it; thus, the information stated in this account should correspond to this person. An account cannot be transferred, sold or acquired by a third party. When a situation like this is detected, all the accounts involved will be placed under temporary suspension and data verification process.

Inter-Account Transfers

The transfer of funds between individual accounts is strictly prohibited.

Deposits / Withdrawals

Betcris.com places at the disposition of its customers a number of methods in order to place funds into their betting accounts, and to receive winnings from this same account. Betcris.com will not accept cash and funds other than by credit card, debit cards, electronic transfer, wire transfer, cheques and e-wallets.

Account Verification

In order to verify the information provided by the customers, and to ensure the legality of the funds; Betcris.com will request a number of documents from the customers. Among this documents are, but not limited to:

  • Personal Identification Copies (ID, driver’s license, passport)
  • Front and Back of Credit or Debit Cards (when applies)
  • Confirmation of Physical Address (via an utility bill for instance)
  • Other documents to proof information provided

If anomalies are detected in the funds movements of an account; these will be reported to the corresponding authorities. The objective of this is to prevent the acceptance and handling of ill-gotten funds.

When a Customer is requesting funds from his account, he must receive them in the same way that he deposited them in the first place.

Only one method of payment can be active at any given moment.

Any withdrawal can be subject to a commission. Updated information on this can be requested from the Customer Service Department.

A withdrawal process can be delayed by this Account Verification Procedure and from funds transfer processors.

Credit and Debit Cards

  • All Credit Cards should be under the BetCRIS account holder’s name.
  • Credit Cards should be issued by a bank within your country, otherwise we may ask for documentation.
  • Due to security policies, we may request documentation to verify your card before a payout.
  • If we confirm third-party card usage, winnings from those deposits will be voided and your deposit options may be restricted.

Bank Wire or Cheque

Any withdrawals that are made by bank wire or cheque will only be payable to the name used when registering with the site.


Deposits and withdrawals from E-Wallets systems must be subject to their own Terms and Conditions, additionally to this document. Withdrawals can only be sent to the same account that made the deposit.

Please note that an Account Holder’s withdrawal may experience a slight delay due to our identity verification process.


Customers must play a 100% of the deposit in order to request a payout. Deposits made on BETCRIS locations do not apply.

All payouts will be processed from Monday thru Friday. Except for payouts on BETCRIS Locations .

Customers who request a payout on amounts over 1700 EUR will be required to send a copy of their Photo ID as well as a utility bill as proof of address, before any payment is sent.

For more information or help please contact our Live Chat or email us to [email protected]

Welcome Offer “Win or Free”

Take advantage of our Welcome Offer!

Register, make your first bet and if the score ends against you, we will give you a free bet for the same amount so you can continue betting.

It's as simple as this:

  • Sign up at https://www.betcris.com/
  • Place your first sports bet of at least USD $10*.
  • Either you win or we reimburse your bet with a new free bet up to USD $ 100*.
  •     *or the equivalent in your local currency.

Conditions of participation

  • The Welcome Offer will run from April 03, 2019 at 12:00 pm until February 02, 2020 at 12:00 pm (UTC -6, known as the "Offer Period").
  • This offer cannot be combined with other offers.
  • If you have already profited from a commercial offer after registering at https://www.betcris.com/, you will not get this offer.
  • This Welcome Offer is limited to one per person, family, household or organization with the same name, the same postal address, the same IP address or the same bank details.
  • Each player can only benefit once from this offer.
  • Closing an account and reopening another to benefit from this Welcome Offer will be considered an abuse and will result in the closure of your account by Betcris, with or without notice.
  • We reserve the right to modify, extend or cancel this promotion in accordance.

Free Bet

To participate in the Promotion, an Eligible Player must place an Eligible Bet during the Offer Period (both terms are defined as follows).

An "Eligible Player":

  • Must be over 18 years old and have completed their registration process through https://www.betcris.com/ (if you are from Honduras you will need to be over 21 years old).
  • Must have opted in to the “WIN OR FREE” promo during the signup process.
  • Players will only be eligible if they reside in one of the following countries: Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil, Panama, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Chile, Canada and Suriname..
  • Account must be active in order to be eligible to receive the free bet.
  • Player’s initial deposit and 1st bet must have been done after April 03, 2019 at 12:00pm (UTC-6) which corresponds to the start date of the promotion.

An "Eligible Bet":

  • This offer is valid for the first sports bet made within 30 days after the first deposit.
  • Your first sports bet must risk an amount between US$10.00 and up to US$100.00 (or the equivalent in your local currency in Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Peru, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Chile, Canada and Suriname.)
  • Bet that will be considered in the context of this promotion: lost bets, single and combined bets, traditional sports bets and live bets, bets placed online on a Desktop, tablet, mobile or application.
  • Bets placed with free bets, system bets, canceled bets and winning bets will not be taken into account. In the same way, the bets made on casino games or horse racing are not eligible for this promotion.


If an Eligible Player makes a 1st Eligible Bet:

  • a) Their account will be credited with the amount equivalent to the risked amount on their first eligible bet, as long as it is graded as a loss and up to a maximum of USD $100 (or the equivalent in your local currency).
  • b) The reimbursement of this first bet on the player's account will be in the form of a free bet, credited within 6 hours after the validation of the outcome of the bet.

Money Laundering


Money Laundering is the participation in any transaction that seeks to conceal or disguise the true nature or origin of funds resultant from illegal activities such as fraud, corruption, organized crime, or terrorism etc. into legitimate activities. The company is aware of such risk to its business operations. The company establishes and maintains a sound system of controls to help detect suspicious transactions and fraudulent activities. Such systems should ensure that:

  • All staff is aware of their obligations under AML laws in accordance to their jobs and responsibilities;
  • The following measures and procedures are in place:
    • KYC procedures are carried out for all players registering and having an active account on the website;
    • Controls and reporting functionalities are in place to identify patterns of suspicious transactions;
    • A procedure is in place for the staff to inform the MLRO in a timely manner of suspicious transactions via a well-defined process that contains pertinent details that will enable the MLRO to make an informed decision as to what further action is required.

Reporting Requirements

Any incidence of Money Laundering will be reported to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). Since from a legal perspective, gaming companies are subject persons, the MLRO works closely with the Key Official so that whenever a situation requires it, the company can liaise with the Malta Gaming Authority and the FIAU. Any concern will be reported in the format set out in the FATF 40.

Refund / Cancelation


If you are totally dissatisfied with the service you have received, we will consider your case and refund your purchase, only if your reason is valid.

SIt is recommended that you may only participate in any gambling events if it is legal for you to do so according to the laws that apply in the jurisdiction from where you are connecting or calling. You must understand and accept that we are unable to provide you any legal advice or assurances.

After purchase, you will receive an e-mail notification. We recommend the cardholder to print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods, to avoid misconceptions and discussions and keep them at an easily accessible place.

All customer queries will be answered within 2 business days.

All orders will be effected immediately.

After purchase, the customer is entitled to play.

TAll sporting events must be played on date unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed and/or rescheduled or a change of venue, the event will automatically constitute "no action," which means all monies for that event will be refunded (Unless sport specific rules state otherwise). All parlays/exotics will be recalculated excluding that leg of the parlay, using payout charts for that sport/betting option. Individual tennis matches have no action if the match is not fully completed due to withdrawal/incapacity or disqualification. If a match is rescheduled due to scheduling and weather problems bad light etc, then all wagers will have action and all wagers will stand.


If your card shows a double charge, or was charged by mistake or without your authorization, we will review your case and if a valid case is presented, we will refund your purchase.

How long does a refund take to be processed?

A refund can take from 4 to 7 business days or up to one month depending on how fast the customer’s bank is crediting funds back.

How can customer get a refund for a duplicate deposit charge that never was posted in his/her sports account?

For that customer must provide a bank statement showing the duplicate charge. Customer may upload the bank statement showing the duplicate charge directly from the account once he/she logs in and click on the Documents Tab and under "Issues with cc deposits".

Privacy Policy

Recording of Communications

All telephone calls are recorded on security tapes for training and security purposes. The same applies to internet communications.

All activity at the website is recorded and kept at the servers. This is for the purpose of history and records maintenance. Customers are advised to keep similar records of all activity done by them at the website.

Personal Details

The information provided by the Customers upon activation of their accounts is always treated of a principle of complete confidentiality.

These details will be kept in a secure manner.

The information will be used by Betcris.com for marketing purposes. A principle of opt-out from the customers rules this purpose as well.

Disclosure of Information

Betcris.com will instruct and authorize the credit financial institution by which an Account Holder's account is held to disclose any information as may be requested by the MGA in respect of an Account Holder's account.

Betcris.com will only disclose personal data when ordered to do so by any Governing Authority and/or under any legal provision contained in the Governing Law.

Furthermore, Betcris.com reserves the right to disclose personal data to relevant recipients where Betcris.com has reasonable grounds to suspect irregularities that involve an account.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Materials

Betcris.com reserves the right to process personal data for CRM purposes. Players can choose not to receive marketing / promotional material at registration and / or unsubscribe from promotional material sent electronically.

Correction of Incorrect Account Information

The Account Holder has the right to require access to the Account Holder's own personal data and/or has the right to correct and/or erase wrong and/or inappropriate data.

Cookies / ActiveX

The Betcris.com website works by using cookies and Active X components for (but not limited to) the following purposes:

  • To identify the Account Holder's preferred settings; this way they can be automatically selected when the Account Holder returns to Betcris.com.
  • Analysis of Betcris.com website traffic; this allows Betcris.com to determine the behavior of its customers and to make improvements to its customers according to this.
  • The operation of the games (such as the flash casino).

Not having the adequate settings on these components may impair or decrease the functionality of the website as it is designed to work. Additional information can be requested to the Customer Service Department.

Bug Exploitation

The use and abuse of a bug in any of the gaming software provided on the Betcris.com platform is not allowed under any circumstance. A customer doing this will have his account immediately suspended and any winnings providing from this activities removed.

Use of bots and Illegal Software

The use of software to influence or modify the outcome of any of the games in the Casino system for financial gain is strictly forbidden; any monies acquired in this way will be deducted from the Account Holders funds.

Interruptions in play

Betcris.com is not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the game play. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of Betcris.com Management.

System Malfunctions

Betcris.com shall accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with Betcris.com website or its content; including, without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any person's misuse of the site or its content or any errors or omissions in its content.

In the event of systems or communications errors relating to the generation of random numbers, bet settlement or other element of the Product, Betcris.com will not be liable to the customer as a result of any such errors. Betcris.com reserves the right to void all bets on the draws in question.

In the event of a Casino system malfunction all bets are void.

Sports Betting Limitations

We reserve the right to refuse or limit any wager(s) at our sole discretion for any reason whatsoever. In circumstances where a stake is deemed to be or is declared void by us at our discretion, any sum deducted from your account with respect to that stake or wager shall be credited back to your account. Wagers shall only be valid if accepted by our server and subject to the Agreement. Until acceptance, no communications from you shall be binding on us and all information displayed on this site constitutes an invitation to play only. Malfunction (whether on a Website or your equipment) voids all pays and plays. Should we determine to waive a rule in the interest of fair play to you, it shall only be for that instant and shall not set a precedent for the future.

In the case that an odd, line or handicap are incorrect because of an error, mistake or system failure, any wager placed in this line will be automatically considered void.

Betcris.com reserves the right to void any winnings that were obtained as a result of hardware/software error or malfunction. Players found abusing such errors/malfunctions are subject to having their account closed and any deposits and/or winnings forfeited. In the event of a Website system malfunction all bets are void.

Availability of Offers

All customer offers are limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account number (e.g. debit or credit card, etc), and shared computer (school, public library or workplace). Betcris.com reserves the right to withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to any customer or group of customers.

Betcris.com reserves the right to reclaim all bonuses awarded and any winnings accrued if customers are found to be tampering with or abusing any aspect of a Betcris.com promotion or bonus. Where there is evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which due to enhanced payments through promotional offers results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, Betcris.com reserves the right to ignore the bonus element of such offers and settle bets at the correct odds. Betcris.com further reserves the right to ask any customer to provide sufficient documentation for us to be satisfied in our absolute discretion as to the customer's identity prior to us crediting any bonus, free bet or offer to their account.

All Betcris.com offers are intended for recreational players and Betcris.com may in its sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate in any promotion.

Support, Disputes and Complaints

Customer Support is available if a Customer experiences any difficulties. Customer Support can be reached by email on [email protected]

The current balance and transaction history of the account may be viewed at any time. Should there be any claim or dispute arising from past or current transactions please contact the Customer Service Department. If we are unable to settle the dispute we will refer the dispute to a suitable arbiter, whose decision will be final subject to full representation given to all parties involved.

Any dispute relating to the provision of the games and the validity, performance and construction of the present agreement relating to the games shall be exclusively solved in terms of the Maltese Law. Where recourse to the Courts of Law is necessary, Maltese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

Betcris.com will endeavor to resolve all disputes in a timely and responsible manner; however where a dispute remains unresolved by both parties arbitration may be sought as described above. If after this process a matter still remains unresolved a dispute may be brought to the MGA at [email protected]

A valid customer has the right to bring any dispute to the Maltese Lottery and Gaming Authorities, if it is not properly resolved or answered by Betcris.com. This will be done within a reasonable amount of time and under a valid cause. In order to do this a customer can refer the matter to [email protected].

Financial Institution

Betcris.com is not a financial institution and thus any deposits made into your account are not due any interest payments on the deposit(s) whatsoever.

Betcris.com does not provide advice to Account Holders regarding tax and/or legal matters.

Account Holders who wish to obtain advice regarding tax and legal matters are advised to contact appropriate advisors and/or authorities in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled and/or resident.

Account Holders are strictly prohibited from using Betcris.com and it systems to facilitate arbitrage through Currency Exchange transactions. Where Betcris.com deems that an Account Holder has deliberately used the aforementioned systems for financial gain through arbitrage, any gains will be forfeited and deducted from the Account Holders balance without warning or notification.

Licensing and regulatory bodies

TV Global Enterprises Ltd. is authorized by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA / CL2 / 464/2008;).


Internet Gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction / country in which you are located or residing; if so, you are responsible for any gaming activity and you are also responsible for ensuring that you are not contravening any law or legislature prohibiting gaming online.

Age limit

All applicants must be over 18 years old to register with Betcris.com. We reserve the right to request proof of age from any customer and suspend the account until satisfactory documentation is filed. It is your responsibility to ensure that the laws in your state / country allow you to play using the online service before registering. Please read the section on competition, in this document.

Completeness and accuracy of account information

All information provided at registration on the website must be accurate and complete in all aspects. Betcris.com reserves the right to initiate a verification procedure at any time by contacting you via email asking for support documentation.

Customers must keep their registration information updated. Any changes to the information must be reported to the Customer Service Department as soon as possible.

Uniqueness of an Account

Customers can have only one account. If the customer uses more than one account, the accounts will be suspended until the details and account balances are confirmed and consolidated. Once completed, all other accounts shall be closed and only one account shall remain active.

Confidentiality of the password

Betcris.com allows all customers to choose their own username and password combination. We request all customers to keep this information secret. All transactions made from your account will be accepted, as long as you provide your username and password correctly.

Betcris.com is not responsible if the password is revealed or acquired by a third party and said third party uses the information in a malicious manner.

Account Activation

To be eligible for services and products offered by Betcris.com, customer must provide the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Password to be used
  • Secret Passphrase
  • Valid E-Mail
  • Phone
  • Exact Address (Country, State, City, Street)

All customers shall receive an e-mail to activate the account. All accounts must be activated through said email. If this is not completed, Betcris.com reserves the right to suspend all activities on saidaccount until details are verified.


Minos S.A. is the license holder for Panama Residents, TV Global Enterprises Ltd. delivers to MINOS S.A. the Clearing Services, provides platform and online services.

The Clearing Services will be performed in accordance with the professional standards generally accepted within the clearing industry.

Document v3.7. (October 27, 2010)


Our company is committed to our customers.

If you have an issue we want to help, please contact us at [email protected], we will get back to you as soon as possible, please allow 24 - 48 hours for us to reply.

Once the issue has been resolved, if you do not feel completely satisfied, you can send your complaint to the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) service provided by eCogra. You can find more information at the following link: https://ecogra.org/ata/policies_procedures.php.

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