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Bet the best of Sports Simulations; MLB The Show 20, NHL 20 EA Sports and Madden NFL 20. Sports simulation features online simulation games through; MLB The Show 20, NHL 20 EA Sports, Madden NFL 20 and more ...

COVID-19’s arrival just as Selection Sunday and March Madness were set to begin may as well have been a nuclear bomb. Sports, Las Vegas, and all popular forms of sports gambling went dark. Gamblers used to 24/7 action and access to sports betting were shocked. Sportsbooks had nothing to offer. Table Tennis and hockey from Belarus drew no action. But then a disaster turned into an opportunity which turned into a design. Of all things, sports simulation games proved to be the lifeline for all. And now that it's been accepted it’s not going away!

Sports Sims to the Forefront

Online casino and Vegas sportsbooks wracked their brains for a solution that would attract betting action. After obscure sports from obscure lands failed to move the meter the idea of putting on Madden NFL 20 video games was raised. Lines were posted and bets were taken. Gamblers found out where to watch sports simulation action. And from there, things took off with baseball and hockey sims that quickly followed. But WHY is sports simulation betting been so popular?

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The Factors That Attract Sports Sim Betting

Games such as Madden NFL 20 were an immediate hit for several reasons. First, the quality of play was quickly revealed as reliable. The NFL simulation games were a direct reflection of real life. The eight teams were good as the correct clubs were not. Yet as is the case in real life there were enough upsets to keep everyone interested and challenged. Gamblers found that they could use their handicapping notebooks for sports sims because the same information was pertinent.

Equally important is video graphics and sounds. When you watch any of the sports simulations games it's hard to distinguish it from real life. Don’t underestimate how important that is for sports gamblers, who love to watch the games that they bet on. Additionally, the sports sims use actual announcers as their voices are programmed into the gaming system.

Also factoring into the popularity of sports sims is that the games go much quicker than their real-life counterparts. Furthermore, your favorite teams can play multiple times a day because there is no recuperation time necessary for the players as there is in real life. That means that Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs can be on the board multiple times for the same day. The Chiefs could be involved in multiple leagues and tournaments at the same sportsbook on a particular afternoon or evening.

Dream matchups are another big draw. The 1972 Miami Dolphins can meet the 1985 Chicago Bears. Such greatest teams ever matchups have proven to be highly popular.

What Goes into Sports Sims?

Every player in every sport that is offered by sports sims is engineered to perform with the same results as he would have in real life. For example, Mike Trout is going to perform at an MVP (Most Valuable Player) level for MLB The Show 20. A combination of hard statistical metrics and subjective ratings go into creating each player.

On the hockey side, Alex Ovechkin will show his devastating power-play shot from left-wing and Connor McDavid will be the most complete payer at NHL 20 EA Sports.

Same Gambling Options

Gamblers have come to love sports sims because of their real-life feel. Check the Betcris board frequently each day and you will see the same type of lines and wagering options as you would in an actual game. From there sit back, relax and enjoy!

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